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Piz Segnas
Created On: Oct 24, 2005
Last Edited On: Sep 3, 2006


The Piz Segnas stands out as the highest summit within the Sardona massiv. It is a popular mountain especially in combination with the Piz Sardona. The summit is the main meeting point of three ridges. The north ridge which is glaciated and comes from the Piz Sardona, the rocky south ridge and the partially steep east ridge from the Sardona pass. The Piz Sardona is very popular among ski-touring mountains.

There are two main routes: of this two the most popular probably is:

Sardona Glacier Route (by north or south access):

You come all the way from the south or north over the pass on the Sardona glacier. Turn towards west and climb through the eastface of the "Surenjoch". Having made this ascent travers all the way on the ridge towards the south until you are on the highest point, that's the summit.

the other is:
Combined Route Piz Segnas/Piz Sardona

This is basically a crossing from the Piz Sardona over the Surenjoch over to the Piz Segnas. (no details so far)

Getting There

You can access it either by cablecar and then ski/snowshoeing to the base or do all by skiing/snowshoeing.

Getting there 1:
The nearest access village is "Flims Dorf" from where you take the cablecar ("Flims Bergbahnen" = Flims cablecar station) to "Foppa", from there you take another cablecar to "Naraus" and from there a third one to "Cassons". At Cassons you hike for about 10 minutes on the very wide and plain ridge towards northwest. The ridge then slowly descends and there is a big sign that you now leave the controlled terrain (at about 2659 meters ). From there you descend to about 2500 meters all towards north. You can then clearly see the Sardona Massiv and the Sardona Pass. Go straight up to the pass (2700 m). From there you can ascent as described above.

Getting There 2:
You ski/hike all the way up from the town of "St. Martin" to the "Sardona Hut" (2157 m). The hut is served for sure by a warden during june, july and august. During the rest of the year the hut is open but not served so you have to bring your own food and supplies. For details of the hut check out the link below:

Infos about the hut:
The hut is open all year round. During summer season from june to october the hut is maintained by a hut warden who also cooks for the guests. During winter seoson the hut can be used eventhough without any service. So if you plan a winter tour, make sure to bring enough supplies for the duration youwant to stay in the hut.

Phone nr of the hut: +41-(0)81-306-1388

Contacting the hut warden:
Helen und Beat Jäger-Hobi, Erdinos, 7315 Vättis
E-Mail: jaeger.beat@bluewin.ch

Accomodation Fee / Night: (2005)
Swiss Mountaineering Club Members: Adults CHF 20.-
Swiss Youth Mountaineers: CHF 12.-

Non-members Adults (21 years+): CHF 30.-
Children / Youth (7. to 20 years): CHF 16.-
Children (0 - 6 years): CHF 8.-

Food (Local products and specialities):
Diner / Breakfast
0 - 6 years CHF 12.-
7-13 years CHF 18.-
14 years + CHF 27.-
(Snacks available during the day)

For those who speak german, check this link abou the hut:
Sardona hut

There you stay overnight and ascent through the southwest route up to the Sardona Pass, from there up to Piz Segnas.

Either the same way you came (watch out for last calblecar). Or you can ski all down to Flims via various freeride routes.

For ski runs:
Ski Runs

Red Tape

Be careful with:

If you come over the Sardona Pass from the southern or northern (from the Sardona hut) side, watch out for crevasses. The sardona pass is covered by the Sardona glacier. If you want to climb the eastface of the Surenjoch, and then continue to the Piz Sardona, be careful for avalanches (in winter) and slippery ice (summer) because it is a short but steep section (about 50° degrees). Don't underestimate the steep sections!

When To Climb

All year, be careful with crevasses in spring, autumn and fall.
During winter, keep in mind that there is still a glacier underneath also on the eastface of Surenjoch. It is possible to take the first cablecar in the morning to Cassons Station and do the Piz Segnas in one day. In spring, summer, or fall it might be necessary to take ice climbing equipment with you to get up to the Surenjoch.


As described above you can use the Sardona hut. Camping on the mountain is probably not recommended due to strong winds near the pass. Otherwise stay at a guesthouse or hotel in the village of Flims.

A comprehensive list about all hotels and guesthouses you will find here:
Hotels und Guesthouses in Flims

Mountain Conditions

Avalanche Infos
Check the national avalanche sevice
(english version)

National weather forecast
(english version)

Area Infos
This is the ski resort page containing a lot of helpful information about this region in general.
(also in english)


SwissTopo Maps
1:25000, LK1174 "ELM"
1:25000, LK1194 "FLIMS / FLEM"

Special Skitouring Map
1:50000, STK247S "SARDONA"

Piz Segnas

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