Quebrada Rurec and Uruashraju

Quebrada Rurec and Uruashraju

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Quebrada Rurec

Some valleys in the Cordillera Blanca see a lot of visitors, but there are many remote places, and Quebrada Rurec is one of them.
The steep walls of Quebrada RurecSteep walls

It's a deep, beautiful valley, with steep walls that are begging to be climbed. There must be plenty of routes waiting to be discovered!
Quebrada RurecGlaciated peaks at the end of the valley

And the best scenery is at the end of the valley, where big glaciated peaks are waiting to be photographed - or climbed.

Nevado Uruashraju

On the west ridge of Uruashraju NorteNevado Uruashraju
Walking into the valley, the first big peaks that come into view are Nevado Rurec (5700m) and Nevado Huantsán (6369m). But our goal was Nevado Uruashraju (5722m), a mountain that's hidden for a long time, and only comes into view when you are deep in the valley.

Nevado HuantsánNevado Huantsán


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