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Created On: Dec 15, 2001
Last Edited On: Oct 15, 2018


Mittlerer and Großer Ramolkogel from the east - Photo from RM Liu, pic credit to Roman Meyer - 2001

In memory of
Rahel Maria Liu, the former maintainer of this page. Rahel died on the Innominata Spur to Mont Blanc in a snowstorm on August 24th, 2004.

View from Breslauer HutGroßer RamolkogelView from VentSeen from Linker FernerkogelAlpenglow

RAMOLKOGEL - a big rock and glacier massif

    The Ramolkogel is a big rock and glacier massif with a few summits:

    Großer Ramolkogel (3550m), Mittlerer Ramolkogel (3518m), Kleiner Ramolkogel (3351m).

    On the east side of the Mittlerer Ramolkogel is also the Nördlicher Ramolkogel (Anichspitze, 3428m), which is often climbed together with the Großer and Mittlerer Ramolkogel. All together often climbed.

    There are many routes to reach the Ramolkogel.

View of RAMOLKOGEL (Photo by rgg, 2011) - Show labels

    The Ramolkogel, seen from the SSE, near the Hochwilde Haus. The coordinates of the picture are those of the Hochwilde Haus. This mountain has a number of summits.

    The highest one is the Großer Ramolkogel (3550m). Following the east ridge leads to the Mittlerer Ramolkogel (3518m). Further east, on the other side of the Ramolferner, is the Nördlicher Ramolkogel (3428m), also known as Anich Spitze. Rather inconspicuous from this angle is the Kleiner Ramolkogel (3351m), which is on the south ridge from the Mittlerer Ramolkogel.

    Further along on the south ridge, near the left edge of the picture, the lowest point is the Ramoljoch, which is the saddle on the trail between Vent and Obergurgl.
    (July 10, 2007 - rgg)

Routes Overview

* Panoramic View of Ötztal Alps - Photo by Gangolf Haub/pvangeenen

Spiegelkogel - Ramolkogel - Manigenbachkogel - Gampleskogel

Normal Route/NE Ridge to the Mittlerer Ramolkogel + E Ridge to the Großer Ramolkogel:
    II (2 passages), 3 h from Ramolhaus, mostly rock, some firn and ice

S Ridge to the Mittlerer Ramolkogel:
    II, 2-3 h from Ramolhaus

NW Ridge:
    III and II, 5 h from Vent, 7 h via Latschglacier

North Face:
    50°, 400 hm, 2-3 h (face)

NE Face

Descent through the S flank to the Spiegelglacier
    III, II

Traverse Mittlerer Ramolkogel - Nörderkogel
    II, mostly easier, 4-4,5 h to the Gurgler Schartl, from here 3 h to the Nörderkogel. Beautiful, but staying power necessary (According to Klier)

* Climber's Logs

Getting There

* The moon above Ramolkogel - the Ötztal Alps at sunrise seen from Obergurgl (Photo by Hiltrud Liu)

The moon above Ramolkogel

To the Ramolkogel:

    You can come from the Ramolhaus.

To the Ramolhaus:
    You reach the hut from Obergurgl (1910m) in Ötztal on the marked hiking way no. 902 in 3,5 - 4 h. This is a wide way without any problems. You cannot miss it. You only have to follow this way through the valley until you reach the hut.

    You reach Obergurgl on the road through the Ötztal from Ötztal (trainstation, 692m)) via Ötz, Sölden and Zwieselstein. In Zwieselstein, you have to turn left (to the Gurgl Tal) and leave the Venter Tal to the right (which goes to Vent).

    You reach Ötztal by train (station: Ötztal Bahnhof) or car on the A12 from Innsbruck (E) or from Bludenz (W) on the E60 and A12 via Landeck. Turn off at Ötztal.

From Vent to the NW Ridge:

    You reach the NW Ridge from Vent in 5 h. In Vent, you start behind the hotel "Vent" in SW direction from the village. You follow a good way up to the Ramolalm, 2218. You turn left over the Ramolbach and traverse the grass hangs in steep zigzag till you reach the tongue of the Spiegelglacier. You go the northern valley side of the Spiegeltal up. You leave the way and go northeastern to the Rotkarle. You go over lumps of rocks and firn passages to the beginning of the NW Ridge.

    You reach the NW Ridge from Vent via the Latschglacier in 7h. You go to the Ramolalm (see above). Here, you traverse to the NE over very steep hangs to the valley of the Latschbach. You continue along the stream to the Latschglacier. At the SW Side of the glacier, you go over the moraine to the NW Ridge.

General Information

Ramolkogel, from Jurgen MesmanRamolkogel - Photo by Mathias ZehringRoute Ramolhaus,
from Keith T
Ramoljoch - Photo by dalton1SE Ridge,
from Jurgen Mesman




    Phone: ++49-89-295070 (DAV)

    Avalanches (Tyrol): ++43-512-1588 (OeAV)


THANKS for your help, Helmut and Mathias!

Panoramic View from the Ramolhaus towards the Gurgl Ferner - Show labels - Photo by Helmut Dodel, marked by Mathias Zehring


The Ramolhaus is situated at the SE hang of the back Gurgl valley, on a rock peak above the tongue of the Gurgl Glacier.

    Phone: 05256/6223(6224)

    Email: info@edelweiss-gurgl.com

    Internet: www.edelweiss-gurgl.com

    Guarded: from July to September, 64 beds

Breslauer Hütte

View of Ramolkogel from the Breslauer Hut

Breslauer Hütte - Photo by Schwiebi - Wikipedia Ötztaler Alpen, Austria. Mountains from left to right:

Nördlicher Ramolkogel (3427m), Großer Ramolkogel (3549m), Kleiner Ramolkogel (3349m), Ramoljoch (3189m). Hinterer Spiegelkogel (3424m), Mittlerer Spiegelkogel,
Vorderer Spiegelkogel. Firmisianschneid (3490m), Schalfkogel (3537m) and Hinterer Diemkogel (3398m) - Schwiebi, Wikipedia


Ötzi - the Iceman (Photo from Huberschwiller)


    1:25000 no. 30/1 Ötztaler Alpen. Gurgl

DAV Shop

hikr.org/ Ramolkogel

get a map - Ramolkogel

Ramolkogel Map* Ötztal Alps - Photo from Rahel Maria Liu

Ramolkogel - Ötztal Alps


    Walter Klier, Ötztaler Alpen. Alpenvereinsführer, Bergverlag Rother (2005).

    Henriette Klier und Walter Klier, Ötztal. Rother Wanderführer, Bergverlag Rother (2010).

Link - MountainArea

Ramolkogel Alpenglow (W Face) - Photo by Lodewijk

Panorama 1

Panorama 2

Panorama 3

To the Ramolkogel from Vent

Mittlerer and Großer Ramolkogel - Photo by Sascha Sauer (Gaehnchen)

View of Nördlicher Ramolkogel (Anichspitze) - Photo by Sascha Sauer (Gaehnchen)

Aufstieg - Ramoljoch - Photo by Christian Engl

Vent - Ramoljoch - Photo by Christian Engl

Ramolkogel - Hochwildehaus - Photo by Christian Engl

Ramolkogel - Ramolferner - Photo by Christian Engl

Großer Ramolkogel from Hangerer - Photo by Christian Engl

Nördlicher, Großer and Mittlerer Ramolkogel - Photo by Thehighrisepages

Großer and Nördlicher Ramolkogel - Thehighrisepages

Google Map

* Google Map Ötztal Alps