Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 47.25532°N / 10.44628°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 8419 ft / 2566 m
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RuitelspitzenRuitelspitzen as seen from Balschtekar

Nearly all Lechtal mountains need two days for any summit ascents because of the deep valleys, the long ascent routes with a considerable huge altitude difference and the remoteness of the high ranges.

Nevertheless there are some very nice one day hikes, too, which give you the real Lechtal Alps feeling; the steep gras slopes, rugged rock faces, the tumultuous geology and, in early summer, the unbelievable amount of plants and blossoms. Those summits are standing directly south of Lechtal valley thus forming a fist northern chain of peaks: Lichtspitze, Wannenspitze, Griesspitze and Ruitelspitzen.

Ruitelspitzen are standing high above the Lechtal village of Elbigenalp, showing a rugged and steep rock face and below the scree filled Ruitelkar to the north. There are five peaks close-by, the westernmost being the easiest to reach but not the highest. Next to the east towers the highest summit which is rather difficult to climb due to steep and very loose rock. The three remaining peaks to the east are, as far as I know, rarely summated, they are difficult climbs.

The heights of these five peaks are as follows from west to east: 2566 m (hiking summit), 2574 m (highest summit), 2552 m, 2525 m, 2501 m.
Ruitelspitzen are limited to the north by Lechtal valley, to the west by Alperschon valley, leading up to famous Memminger Hütte, one of the important alpine club huts of Lechtal Alps. To the northeast Ruitelspitzen are limited by Griesbach valley with the Griesbach Alp, a nice hut for food and a drink. Wannenspitze, Karlespitze and Zwickspitzen can be tackled from there.

To the south and southeast, a col, Dreisattel Scharte, gives access to Schafkar group, a remote part of Lechtal Alps with almost no trails and huts for accommodation.

Around Ruitelspitzen there are no mountain club huts, there are no wellknown trails and - as a consequence - there are nearly no people. It is a strenuous day hike with nearly 1600 m of altitude difference but it is worth every step. And you can do a very nice traverse (see main routes section below) which gives you a more than satisfying hiking day.
RuitelspitzenRuitelspitzen with Dreisattelkar

Getting There

The main trailheads for Ruitelspitzen are Obergrünau between Elbigenalp and Bach or Griesau between Häselgehr and Elbigenalp, both in the Lechtal valley.

You reach Lechtal valley

  • from Garmisch-Partenkirchen via Lermoos by using road numbers 23, 187 and 195 to Reutte / Tirol

  • from Füssen by using road number 198 to Reutte

  • from Innsbruck and Imst by using the Hahntennjoch road to Elmen / Lechtal

  • from Rheintal, Bregenz, by using Arlberg road and road number 198 to Lech / Warth

  • Follow Lechtal valley road number 198 from Reutte or from Lech / Warth until you reach the intersection between Bach and Elbigenalp with the road to Obergrünau or Griesau.

    RuitelspitzenSummit view to Parseierspitze
    RuitelspitzenSummit view to southeast Lechtal Alps
    RuitelspitzenSummit view to Griesbach Alpe and Zwickspitzen / Schafkarspitzen

    The trailhead of Obergrünau is near the little church; you have to look where you can leave your car without interference. There are several possibilities along the road between Ober- and Untergrünau.
    For the trailhead of Griesau follow the road through the little village to the south until you reach the chapel of Sankt Sebastian. There is a parking area.

    Normal Routes Overview

    RuitelspitzenUppermost part of Obergünau ascent

    Obergrünau ascent

    Follow a forest road from the center of Obergrünau to the south. Cross the Ruitelbach, follow the road and soon leave it on a trail to the left (signposts). Follow the trail through dense woods up to Tajenalm and Ronigebne.

    The trail traverses the meadows of Ronigebne up to Wildebne and turns to the left, traversing steep dwarf pine slopes. Climb steeply Wildebner Kar up to Wildebner Spitze (2345 m), a little peak in the northwest ridge of Ruitelspitze West. Follow the ridge up to the westernmost summit of Ruitelspitzen.

    Griesau ascent

    From the chapel parking area follow the forest road to the left, crossing Griesbach and ascend on the road steeply up into the woods. Leave the road to the left, following a steep trail zigzagging up the slope joining again the forest road some 200 meters higher, thus evitating a long and rather dull part of the ascent.

    Follow now the forest road high above Griesbach gorge to the south until you reach Griesbach Alp.

    South of the Alp hut there is an unmarked trail leading up in the direction to Dreisattelkar between Ruitelspitzen and Zwölferspitze. Where this trail turns right leave it and go straight up the slope between the dwarf pines to reach Dreisattel, the lower end of Dreisattelkar. Ascend Dreisattelkar (off-trail) up to Dreisattel Scharte, the col between Ruitelspitzen and Zwölferspitze.

    From the col, the southeast ridge leads up to Ruitelspitze west peak. It is a steep, rocky and grassy ridge with some rock scramble (UIAA grade I) and off-trail !!

    RuitelspitzenSummit view to Allgäu Alps

    The highest summit, 2574 m, can be reached from the hiking summit as follows:

    Follow the southeast ridge down until you can enter the northeast face below the summit block. Climb down a chute in very loose rocks (UIAA grade I) until you reach a narrow notch (2514 m). From there ascent steep through another chute with VERY loose rock up to the main summit (UIAA grade II to III).

    I tried this traverse once alone and gave it up as a bad job some meters above the notch, due to the loose rock.

    RuitelspitzenSummit ridge as seen from Wildebner Spitze

    When traversing the summit, the better ascent route is the Grünau route wether the better descent route is the Griesau route. It is a 5 km walk from Griesau to Obergrünau so better use two cars if you can, leaving one at each trailhead.

    Public busses are on service throughout the valley. Hitchhiking can be another possibility to get back to your starting point.

    North of Ruitelspitzen there are several old and not maintained hunting trails traversing Ruitelkar or Glabkopf, a minor summit north of the Ruitelspitzen rockface. Do not depend too much on the maps (see section below) if you want to use them; ask locals about their condition.

    Red Tape & Accommodations

    RuitelspitzenRuitelspitzen as seen from Zwickspitzen ascent

    There are, as far as I know, no special restrictions in this area.
    Parking areas should be free (2009).

    In Lechtal valley there are all sorts of accommodations: Hotels, Inns, private Bed & Breakfast and Camping areas.

    For general infomations please refer to: Lechtal tourist page

    More detailed informations about accommodations in the nearest villages can be found on the homepages of

  • Elbigenalp

  • Häselgehr

  • There are no alpine club huts around Ruitelspitzen. Griesbach Alpe offers food and drinks but no overnight stays.

    Gear & Mountain Conditions

    RuitelspitzenSummit view to Hornbach range / Allgäu

    Ruitelspitzen are a summer and autumn hike.

    As far as I know there are no winter and spring ski hike activities.

    It is a strenuous day hike from the valley trailheads, the Griesau route being off-trail and in its upper parts steep and exposed with some rock scramble involved (UIAA grade I).

    The summit traverse using both main routes can be highly recommended to the experienced hikers.

    You need normal hiking gear with good shoes.

    Check the current weather here.

    Maps & Guide Book

    RuitelspitzenRuitelspitzen as seen from Wannenspitze ascent

    As map I recommend the detailed Alpenverein maps for a better orientation:

  • Alpenvereinskarte, scale 1 : 25.000, Allgäu – Lechtaler Alpen, Ostblatt, number 2/2

  • Alpenvereinskarte, scale 1 : 25.000, Lechtaler Alpen, Parseier Spitze, number 3/3 (showing only the southern parts of Ruitelspitzen !)

  • Ruitelspitzen are mentioned in:

    Dieter Seibert
    Alpenvereinsführer Lechtaler Alpen alpin
    Bergverlag Rother 2008, 2. Auflage

    ISBN-13: 9783763312689 / ISBN-10: 3763312684