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Haut-Rhin / Vosges, France, Europe
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Rock climb or scramble
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Most of a day

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Created On: May 22, 2004
Last Edited On: May 22, 2004


Take road D 417 from Colmar to Munster. From Munster take the road D10 to Muhlbach sur Munster and then to the Gaschney on the right after the church.


This trekking takes place in a wild ambiance. The crossing over the Spitzkoepfe (= pointed heads) is also interesting for climbers (difficulties up to III +) but the thoughful crossings of the peaks can be avoided.

Route Description


Take the path direction Schallern (Hotel) which conturns by the north the Petit Hohneck (little Hohneck) you see in front of you.
You cross the forest an then some gullies and arrive at the Col du Schaefertal. 50 meters at the right, beautiful view over the Frankental and the Hohneck precipices.
Return to the collar and climb upright (GR 5) to the summit of the Hohneck (1,5 hours from the Gaschney, Hotel). Amazing view over the whole Vosges, vallée de Munster, Grand Ballon, Petit Ballon, Lac de Longemer and by clear weather over the Alps (Berner Oberland, Mont-Blanc = last summit on the right).
Follow the crest toward the south to the collar of the Wormspel. Go up again 200 meters : the Spitzkoepfe you want to cross are to rocky, indented crest at your left.

Climbers will follow that crest all over to the first Spitzkopf (difficulty III, rope necessary).
For the hikers, I describe here the way to avoid the principal difficulties. The first rock must be conturned by the left, and the little wall of the second and third peak by descending on the right on poor tracks. You follow then the crest mostly on the left side some meters lower. You pass near a rock called "Little Matterhorn". Interesting views on both sides (Wormspel on the left and Ameltal on the right with the last snowfields of the Vosges in the early summer, the Hohneck and the lake of Schiessrothried.
Wenn you notice a lonely rock in the forest below on the left you must move in his direction and more down through the forest (prudence, very slippery, telescopic sticks are required). Don't try to conturn the last peaks on the right (rotten rocks, danger).
You reach after a few minutes the path and the first Spitzkopf which provides a plunging view over the Val de la Wormsa and the Fischboedelé (lake far below). Time to cross the Spitzkoepfe : 2 hours.
Take the path on the left to the lake of the Schiessrothried. Cross the dam of the lake and take the path direction Sillaker, Gaschney. You reach your startpoint after 1/2 hour.

Essential Gear