Sulztal Ridge

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Location Lat/Lon: 47.03070°N / 11.02688°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 11027 ft / 3361 m
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Sulztal Ridge in Winter
Sulztal Ridge in Winter

Sulztal Ridge in summer
Sulztal Ridge in Summer

The Sulztal Ridge is small subgroup of the Stubai Alps hovering above the Ötztal Valley. The Sulztal ridge consists of a chain of rugged and sharp mountains with the Wilde Leck being the highest at 3365 meters. The mountains of the Sulztal ridge, although many of them well above the 3000 meter barrier, are seldomly climbed. The subgroup is not developed, not even for hiking - only two hiking trails cross the ridge to the north and south respectively. Climbing the sharp peaks of this ridge requires some good climbing skills, because many of the 3000meter + peaks do not offer any easy way up. The most popular and most visited peak of the area is the Wilde Leck. The normal route of this fine pyramid shaped mountain leads up the east ridge and is graded PD+ (II-III). Another popular objective is the Kuhscheibe (3189m). This peak is a popular ski-touring destination in winter. The Gamskogel (2815m) at the northern barrier of the Sulztal ridge is a primary goal for hikers. A marked trail leads to the summit of this mountain with great views towards the Otztal and Subai Alps.  All other peaks of this range are much less frequently visited.

Sulztalferner glacier and Wilde Leck
Sulztalferner glacier and Wilde Leck by Mathias Zehring

Wilde Leck seen from NNW from...
Wilde Leck seen from NNW by Mathias Zehring

The boundaries of the Sulztal ridge are the Sulztal valley in the north and east, the Ötztal valley to the west and Wütenkar, Wütenkarsattel and Sulztalferner to the south. The group consists of a single ridge which runs from north-west to south-east and ends close to the highest mountains of the Stubai Alps.  In the west the ridge is bounded by the Geigenkamm ridge. In the North by the Lastiger Berge, in the east by the Alpeiner Berge and in the south by the Stubaier Main ridge.

The ten highest mountains of the Sulztal ridge are (in order ofdescending height): Wilde Leck (3361m), Atterkarspitzen (3255m, 3175m, 3180m), Wütenkarspitzen (3244m, 3220m, 3209m), Zahme Leck (3226m), Wannenkogel (3187m, 2982m, 2976m), Murkarspitze
(3148m), Muschenspitze (3092m), Gamezwart (3044m), Lochkogel (3043m) and Roter Kogel (3037m).

Bachfallenferner with Sulztal by GijsJ

Sulztal from Amberger Hut
Sulztal from Amberger Hut by dedo

Directly to the west of the Sulztal ridge lies the Otztal valley with its main villages from north to south: Langenfeld, Huben, Totterschrofen, Armelen, Granstein, Rechenau and Solden. Directly to the northeast of the ridge lies the Sulztal valley with the main village being Gries.

The Sulztal ridge is home to the following mountain huts: Vordere Sulztalalm, Hintere Sulztalalm, Amberger Hutte (2135m)and Nisslalm

Sulztal Ridge on SP

Annotated Sulztal Panorama with a part of the Stubai Alps; as seen from Schwarzkogel (3016m)

Sulztal Ridge

The Summits

Hand drawn schematic map of...
Hand drawn schematic map of Sulztal Ridge by Gangolf Haub

Sulztal Overview Map
Sulztal Overview Map

  1. Gamskogel (2815m)
  2. Kleiner Lochkogel (2921m)
  3. Lochkogel (3043m)
  4. Reichenkarspitze (2971m)
  5. Hoher Kogel (2889m)
  6. Reichlehnkögel (2516m, 2583m)
  7. Gamezwart (3044m)
  8. Schwarzwanter (3073m, 3080m)
  9. Bachleitenspitze (2734m)
  10. Tonigenkogel (3013m)
  11. Muschenspitze (3092m)
  12. Muschenkarschneid (2990m)
  13. Hoher Sulzkogel (2906m)
  14. Niederer Sulzkogel (2795m)
  15. Murkarspitze (3148m)
  16. Roter Kogel (3037m)
  17. Kuhscheibe (3189m)
  18. Wannenkogel (3187m, 2982m, 2976m)
  19. Zahme Leck (3226m)
  20. Wilde Leck (3361m)
  21. Atterkarspitzen (3255m, 3175m, 3180m)
  22. Felderlaskogel (2950m)
  23. Wütenkarspitzen (3244m, 3220m, 3209m)
Gamskogel (2820m)
1) Gamskogel (2815m)

Alpenglow on the Sulztal Ridge
3.Lochkogel (3043m) & 4. Reichenkarspitze (2971m)

Gamezwart/ Legerkogel (3044m)
7. Gamezwart/ Legerkogel (3044m)

Sulztal Ridge as seen from the SW
10. Tonigenkogel (3013m)

Murkarspitze (3148m) as seen from the SW
15. Murkarspitze (3148m)

Christian on the summit
17. Kuhscheibe (3189m)
18. Wannenkogel (3187m)
Felderlaskogel & Triplets
19. Zahme Leck (3220m) & 22. Felderlaskogel (2950m)
The Wilde Leck, summer 2003,...
20. Wilde Leck (3361m)
Felderlaskogel (2955m), Zahme Leck(3226m),Atterkarspitzen (3244m) Wilde Leck
21. Atterkarspitzen (3255m) & 23. Wutenkarspitzen (3244m0

Main Mountains to be climbed

View from the Hinterer...
Wilde Leck (3361m)

Wilde Leck (3361m)

Difficulty: PD+(III)

Altitude Gain: 1230m

StartingPoint: Amberger hutte (2135m) 

Duration(up& Down): 5-7 hours


Amberger Hutte
june - okt; 10 beds, 60 Lager
openend from jan- may
0043(0)676 9523426
Amberger Hut

Vordere Sulztalalm
n.a.; 17 Lager
+43 5253 5634
Vordere Sulztalalm

Hintere Sulztalalm


Weather Conditions

How to get there

Route Map Sulztal Ridge
Route Map Sulztal Ridge
From Austria:

1) Take motorwayA12 / E60 to Arzl/Pitztal

2) Take motorway A12 / E60 to Otztal; Switchto B186 into the Otztal valley

From Italy:

1)Take Motorway A22 to Bozen / Bolzano

2) Switch to SS38 to Sponding / Spondinga

3) Take SS44 and SS44bis to the Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstrasse The passroad is opened from the start of June until the end of Oktober; Tollroad. Passroad is closed in Winter! At the border with Austria take B186 into the Otztal valley

From Switzerland:

1)Take motorway A3 and A13 to Landquart

2)Switch to B28 across Flüelapass to Susch

3)Switch to B27 to Vinadi

4)Across the border the road turns into B180 through Inntal Valley

5)Take motorway A12 / E60 to Otztal; Switch to B186 into the Otztal valley

Maps and Books


AV-karte 31/1 Stubai Alps

Kompass 43: 1:50.000 map

Kompass; Stubaier Alpen 1:50.000

  • Stubaier Alpen
    Map No: 31/1
  • Ötztaler Alpen
    Kompass Map WK43
    ISBN: 3-85491-049
  • Stubaier Alpen
    Kompass Map WK83
    ISBN: 9783850267052


Otztal Alps - 50 touren; Rother Verlag

Stubaier Alpen/- Rother Verlag

3000er in den Nordalpen - Richard Goedeke

  • Ötztaler Alpen
    W. Klier
    Rother Verlag
    ISBN: 3-7633-1123-8

  • Stubaier Alpen
    Walter Klier
    Rother Verlag

  • 3000er in denNordalpen






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