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Téryho Chata, or "Terinka" for the friends, one of the restricted club of the Tatras huts standing at such height (2015m), is Tatra's second highest mountain hut and highest opened all year. This is also one of the oldests and one with the most genuine character. It is called Téry Menedékház in Hungarian and Schronisko Téryego in Polish.
Built in 1899 according to plans of Gedeon Majunke, who imagined a revolutionary resistant architecture for mountain huts, it was named after Edmund Téry, the "doctor of the poors" in Banská Štiavnica, one of the most important figures of the "pioneering age" of Hungarian mountaineering, first climber of Prostredný Hrot pinnacle (1876) and Pyšný štít (1877).
Bela Kapolko (1935-1994), a famous mountain writer of the Tatras, had a strong affection for this hut.
Slovak University students directed the chalet during 1944, involved in helping Polish rebels and Russian refugees who escaped from Nazi camps in order to get to the join the uprising in the Low Tatras.
During the years, the hut has undergone several modifications, the most recent being in 1979 - 82, but the original shape remains. In 2009 took place another important maintainance to feature it with solar panels. During the same year, the hut got its webpage, www.teryhochata.sk.
The management of the hut is a familly story. Miroslav Jílek, the current "chatar", has been managing it for 15 years, and his parents were in charge of it even before. The staff of the hut is regularly taking part into yearly race of the Šerpa rallye and Miroslav won it few times. The hut itself is often the route of the race.

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Téryho chata

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