The Thresher Slab

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 44.06000°N / 71.17°W
Route Type: Ice Climb
Time Required: Less than two hours
Difficulty: WI 3/3+


See Cathedral Ledge Main Page.

To approach Thresher, the North End Slab and the North End Pillars go up hill to the cliff at the iron gate 200 yards past the right turn with the info "hut". If there is snow on the road, park on the main road where the plowing ends and hike in. Even then it only takes 15-20min. to get there.

Whe you get to the cliff above the gate from lert to right you'll see:
Thresher - North End Slab - North End Pillars

Route Description

You'll see Thresher's two alternative finishes on the upper wall. Climb snow and ice (up to 75 degrees) to the large ledge. Belay at the tree.

For pitch two there are to alternatives:
Right Variation (3) climbs the right side of the wall about 40' (about 80 degrees) to the snow on top. Run the pitch to the trees to belay your second.

Left Variation (3+) climbs the near vertical flow on the left end of the wall.

For either variation, descend by traversing north to the gully on the other side of the North End Slab or on the other side of the North End Pillars.

Essential Gear

2 Ice tools and crampons
Standard Ice Rack

Miscellaneous Info

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