Tucum Peak

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Campina Grande do Sul, Brazil, South America
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Tucum Peak
Created On: Aug 9, 2010
Last Edited On: Jul 30, 2013
Tucum Peak
Tucum Peak.

Tucum is another popular mountain in the Serra do Ibitiraquire range. But is not very easy if you're not used to hike endless rock ramps to reach first Camapuan summit. It's ramp is famous and it has 3 false summits. After the Camapuan summit a short descent must be done to start the Tucum ridge. From Camapuan summit, it takes about 15 to 40 minutes of hike, depending on you only.
There's not much to say about that mountain, but it has a fantastic view to Paraná Peak group, all the Ibitiraquire range and it's perfect to get a great night of sleep, very cold too!

Tucum can be seen on the right side of the image.

Getting There

Paraná Peak group as seen
View from Tucum summit area.
Tucum Peak summit register

Take BR-116 to North till Campina Grande Do Sul, and search for Posto do Tio Doca (Tio Doca Gas Station). Ask for directions to get to the Bolinha farm. From that farm is the starting point to the trail (above trail) to Camapuan, Tucum, Cerro Verde and Luar Peak.
Take the trail and after the summit of Camapuan, get down on the opposite side and start the ascent. It is really close.

Red Tape

No taxes to climb the mountain (for rock climbing route);
For the hiking route, R$ 15,00.
Parking lot at the farm just before the trailhead;
Well marked trails;

What’s forbidden:
To make fire; Deforest any places. Respect the nature and wildlife please!


Camping is allowed anywhere you want, but be careful not to damage the forest and its plants, look for the spots for camping: The farm (900 m high), Camapuan summit (1.706 m) and Tucum summit (1.736 m).

Weather Forecast

You can hike this mountain in all seasons, but in summer there are rains every day. In winter is cold, but the days are clearer. The temperatures going from -10°C to 15°C.
Best time to climb: April to September.

Legal Issues

To hike/ climb is a dangerous activity and requires proper equipment and clothing, the owner of this page cannot be blamed by injuries caused to anyone who read this page for its info about the mountain, and eventually got hurt by doing so with reckless behaviour or bad weather conditions.

Paulo Roberto Felipe Schmidt – AKA: PAROFES

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Tucum Peak

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