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Location Lat/Lon: 25.3031°S / 48.8294°W
Additional Information Elevation: 6158 ft / 1877 m
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Pico Paraná is situated in Paraná State, Campina Grande do Sul County, in the sector east of the Serra do Ibitiraque ( Green Range in Tupi-Guarani language ). With 1877 mts, Pico Paraná is called “the highest South region peak” by the climbers and, the mountain is in the middle of Paraná mountains group. There are some mountains rounding the high point how: Pico Ibirati, Ciririca, Camapuam, Tucum, Caratuva e Camelos Peak. The mountain was defeated in July 13, 1941 by Rudolfo Stam, Alfredo Mysing and Reinhard Maack. Serra do Ibitiraque divides the first slope of Serra do Mar and the Coastal plain. The perimeter of Pico do Paraná turns a State Park in 2002, with more than four thousands hectares. Pico do Paraná is one of the most beautiful mountains in Brazil, with great valleys to win, slopes, cracks and precipices. From almost all peaks as possible to see the massif, showing the impressive beauty of the walls and the colorful green surrounding and, this forest is the most protect Atlantic Forest in Brazil.

Getting There

To climb Pico do Paraná, only one difficult to rise that is the distance. If the group is prepared and imposes a fast pitch, as possible to get the summit in 4 – 7 hours of arduous walk up. The nearest big city from Pico Paraná is Curitiba, Paraná State capital. The trailhead is far 50 km from Curitiba ( 30 min driving ).
Take BR-116 to North till Campina Grande Do Sul, and search for Posto do Tio Doca ( Tio Doca Gas Station ), turn to right, drive more 11 km after the gas station and, drive more 2,6 km till an old bridge. Continue on this way and cross one more bridge (Tucum River bridge ), and enter to the first right steep road. Cross a wooden farm gate and walk 1 km till an old farm of Sr. Belizário. The trailhead is behind of a plate writing “Pico Paraná”. There aren’t bifurcations and follow the main trail to the summit, passing by crests and valleys. The total distance of Pico do Paraná summit from Belizário’s farm is 7,8 km.

Red Tape

No taxes to climb the mountain;
Parking car at the trailhead;
Well marked trails;

What’s forbidden:
Bonfires; Fire guns; Snares; Deforest and pollute the Environment

"There are two bifurcation on the trail. The one is with a yellow tape demarcated and bring to Pico Caratuva. The other is demarcated with a red tape and bring to pico Itapiroca. The trail to PP is demarcated with white tape and it's easy to know, because to the other mountains going not many people."
Mikael Arnemann's addiction.

When To Climb

As possible to rise the mountain in one day, choosing a day with good temperatures, humidity and clearly. The best season to go to Ibitiraque region is in Winter. In 1985, the coldest temperature record in Brazil was on the Paraná summit, - 19°C, middle July. Wet days are very hard to make trails. At summer, the hotness is the obstacle to win, and with certainly, hard rains at the afternoon almost every day.
Best months to climb Pico do Paraná
April to September.


There are some good places to camp in the Pico do Paraná perimeter. There are two base camps at the trail. Base camp # 1 at the km 3,5 from Belizário’s; Base camp # 2 at the km 5,5from the trailhead. Some drinking water fountains on the main trail. As possible to bivouac on the summit to see the most beautiful sight of all Serra do Ibitiraque.

Mountain Conditions

There aren’t websites of Pico do Paraná Current conditions.
Campina Grande do Sul current weather

Pico Paraná colorful section

Pico Paraná has beautiful colors at winter, because the coldest temperatures. From everywhere as possible to see the colors of the Nature.



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