Veliki Draski vrh

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Location Lat/Lon: 46.37554°N / 13.85167°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Scrambling, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7358 ft / 2243 m
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In Slovenian language č, š and ž are pronounced like ch, sh, and zh. Our mountain is written Draški vrh.


North faces of Mali Draski...
Velebit - North wall
Towards Veliki Draski vrh
The view on Ablanca during the ascent on Veliki Draški vrh

South-east of Triglav, high above the deep Krma valley, there's a small mountain group. Like a quartet, prepared to start playing a romantic serenade of Nature, these four peaks stand around a nice oval valley, called Jezerce (=Small lake). Whether once there was a lake or not is unclear, the bottom of the valley is wet and usually there's a small water source, but now there's no trace of a lake. The highest two peaks of this group rise up from the long main mountain ridge above the Krma valley, which stretches from Debela peč (on the NE) to Tosc on (SW). They have some 800 meters high northern walls, appropriate also for harder climbs. These two peaks are Veliki (Big) Draški vrh, 2243 m and Mali (Small) Draški vrh, 2132 m. The other, southern side of these two mountains is a bit less steep and so appropriate for hiking. Actually, Veliki Draški vrh is one of the most beautiful ski touring summits in Julian Alps, while Mali Draški vrh is steeper. From the latter only in very good conditions a ski descent can be done. The other two peaks of the quartet are lower, stretching southwards from both two big brothers. Sleme (also called Ablanca), 2004 m, south of Veliki Draški vrh, is rarely ascended, while Viševnik, 2050 m, south of Mali Draški vrh is one of the most popular mountains in Julian Alps. This is because of Rudno polje resort, where a good road ends, and where people find a variety of sports and fun (cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain biking, etc.). On Rudno polje each year a biathlon world cup race is held.

If somebody likes skiing and is not familliar with tour skiing, take him to Veliki Draški vrh. He/She simply must fall in love with tour skiing! If not, don't take him/her anywhere else. The ski tour and summer hike will be described in the Routes section.

 Mali Draski Vrh & Veliki Draski VrhVelebit - Walls above Krma
Mali (left) and Veliki Draski...From Krma
On the main ridge, NE of...From the E

Summit Panorama

Veliki Draski vrh panorama
Adriatic coast from Veliki Draski vrh

Veliki Draški vrh (and Mali to the same extent) are also a first class panorama summits. Triglav massif extends just in front of us. From the southern perspective we can examine just every slope, especially useful during the skiing season, that is in winter and spring.

To the west and south the Bohinj world lies. Over the South Bohinj Ridge the view flies freely over the Slovenian forehills.

To the east vast forests of Pokljuka high plateau lie. This plateau is a wonderland for cross-country skiing in winter (usually there are kilometers of well prepared tracks) and for hiking and cycling in summer. In distance the Sava valley and beyond it Karawanks range and Kamnik Alps can be seen.

Kanjavec from Veliki Draski vrhTowards Kanjavec
Veliki Draski vrh panoramaTowards the NE

Getting There

See full screen (All explanatory texts are in Slovenian language)

The easiest way to climb Veliki Draški vrh is from the south-east. You start either on Rudno polje or on Uskovnica alpine meadow. The road to Rudno polje brings you on the Pokljuka plateau either from Bled resort or from Bohinj valley. From Rudno polje a macadam roads can bring you in summer even further, to a small parking place below Konjščica alpine meadow. From there you can reach the summit in good two hours. Uskovnica is the biggest alpine meadow in Eastern Julian Alps. By car it can be reached from the upper Bohinj valley, from the village, called Srednja vas. From Uskovnica, you reach Konjščica in one hour and the summit of Veliki Draški vrh in three hours.

To climb the north face of Veliki Draški vrh, you drive from Mojstrana in Sava valley to the end of road in Krma valley. Now the trailhead is on the altitude of about 1100 m.

Information on broader area you can find on the Julian Alps page.


  • Julijske Alpe - Vzhodni del (Eastern part). Planinska zveza Slovenije. 1:50.000.
  • Julijske Alpe - Triglav. Planinska zveza Slovenije. 1:20.000.
Morning on UskovnicaUskovnica
One of the most beautiful...Zajamniki
Ascending from UskovnicaWinter scene

Routes overview

Veliki Draški vrh and some of its routes.
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Below, some general mountaineering possibilities are listed:

1. Normal ascent. Konjščica - Jezerce - Studorski preval - SE slope - summit. Not marked, but quite easy hike. If you go from Studorski preval (saddle) directly by the ridge, you have a few easy rocks. This normal route is in winter also used as a ski tour.

2. The ridge Mali Draški vrh - Veliki Draški vrh. On descending Mali Draški vrh you have to climb over a few easy rock sections (UIAA II). Then a long, steep, grassy ridge continues. On the saddle between the both peaks you hit the marked path, which goes horizontally from Srenjski preval (saddle) to Studorski preval (saddle). But you don't need to follow it. You can climb Veliki Draški vrh directly over the east slope and roof (easy scramble, not marked).

3. The ridge Veliki Draški Vrh - Tosc. If you want to continue by the main ridge above Krma valley, it goes fine down on the saddle between Veliki Draški vrh and Tosc. From there to Tosc you will need to climb over a rocky ridge (UIAA II-III).

4. Skiing down by the south-west slope. From the summit of Veliki Draški vrh you can also ski down into the valley between Veliki Draški vrh and Tosc. The ski descent is steep, but in good conditions possible. Only logistically it is a misery. Unless you continue on Velo polje, you must climb back on Studorski preval (saddle) and from there return to Konjščica.

Veliki Draški vrh N wall
Veliki Draški vrh N wall

5. In north wall there are several harder climbing routes. Some of them are:

  • Dolar-Kilar-Vavken in 'Trapez', IV-V, 400 m (first climbed 12.8.1951),
  • Viktorija, VI+, 700 m,
  • Centralna smer, V, A0/IV, 600 m,
  • Poševna zajeda, IV-, 500 m.
Skiing from Veliki Draski...
Skiing down from Veliki...
Veliki Draski vrh
On the way to Veliki Draski vrh
Veliki Draski Vrh from Krma

Red Tape

The whole Eastern Julian Alps are national parc. You can drive by the above mentioned roads at no fee.

I nowhere found so beautiful...Hoar
Millenium sunsetMillenium sunset
Veliki Draski Vrh from KrmaVelebit - Spring

When To Climb

For the summer ascent the best months are from July till October. For tour skiing usually the best conditions are from February till April. Otherwise in good conditions the mountain can be climbed any time of the year.

Weather: see the official page for Slovenia here.
Even better site is wunderground - here's the direct link to Kredarica station, 2515m (below Triglav summit).

Mali (in front) and Veliki...Ski time
Before starting the roof...Avalanche danger
Krma valleyAutumn


On Pokljuka plateau you can sleep in Sport Hotel.
On Uskovnica, on 1154 meters, there's a mountain hut: Planinska koča na Uskovnici, Mobile: +38631 341 814 or +38650 645 528. Stationary: +386 4 572 32 13. The hut has 46 beds and is opened from start of June till mid October.

In Krma valley, on 870 meters, there's a mountain hut called: Kovinarska koča. Stationary: +386 4 580 63 96. The hut has 15+12 beds and is opened from start of June till end of September.

If you are arriving from the central part of Triglav group, you can also use Vodnikov dom on Velo polje, 1817m. 53 beds, winter room with 10 beds. Opened from begin of June till mid of October. Cell phone.: (050) 615621, stationary phone: (04) 5723213.

There are camping places in Bohinj valley and in Sava valley.

Outside links

Climbing guidebook in Slovenian:
Miha Zupan - Veliki Draški vrh, Trapez



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