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Carpathian Castle Hills

Carpathian Castle Hills

Carpathian Castle Hills

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You are welcome to attach pix of castles/castle ruins on condition that:

1 the structure stands in the Carpathians (or in their foothills)

2 part of the castle hill shows in the photo 
Strečno in early autumn <I>( But my home is my hills! )</I>
Now let's have a look

3 the castle was erected at least two hundred years ago

4 You don't mind the following rule: If there are more than one photograph of a given castle available, it is the owners of this page who decide which photo to feature in a medium size

One castle, only one picture here

Medieval scenery
Spiš, Southern Spiš

Still life
Fűzér, Zemplén Mountains

Lietava Castle Hill
Lietava, Súľov Mountains

Orava castle
Orava, Oravská Magura

Vršatec Castle Hill
Vršatec, White Carpathians

Lednica Castle Hill
Lednica, White Carpathians

Muranska Planina fall scenery
Muráň, Muránska planina

Visegrad castle
Visegrád, Visegrád Mountains

Niedzica and Czorsztyn medieval castles
Niedzica, Pieniny

Czorsztyn fortress
Czorsztyn, Pieniny

Castle Tower in Rytro
Rytro, Beskid Sądecki

View from the ruin of Hasznos fort
Hasznos, Mátra

Šášov Castle Hill
Šášov, Štiavnica Mountains

Castle Revište
Revište, Vtáčnik

Ruins of Torna-castle
Turňa, Slovenský kras (Slovak Karst)

View from Szanda
Szanda, Cserhát Hills

Ruins of Colţ / Kolc castle
Colţ/Kolc, foothills of Retezat

Lubovniansky Castle Hill
Ľubovňa, Northern Spiš

Ruins of Castle on Kamenicky Hrad Hill
Kamenica, Čergov

Strečno, Malá Fatra

Sklabina Castle Hill
Sklabiňa, Veľká (Great) Fatra

Castle Beckov
Beckov, foothills of Považský Inovec

Sirotčí hrad
Sirotčí hrad, Pavlovské vrchy (Pálava Hills)

Ruins of Şoimoş/Solymos castle
Şoimoş/Solymos Castle near Lipova, Zaránd Mountains

Szentgyorgy fortress near...
Szentgyörgy Castle, Trascău Mountains

Castle Kamieniec
Kamieniec, Pogórze Dynowskie (Dynów Hills)

Boldogkő castle
Boldogkő, Zemplén Hills

Hollókő castle
Hollókő, Cserhát Hills

Blatnica Castle
Blatnica, Veľká (Great) Fatra

Hričov Castle
Hričov, Súľov Mountains

Súlov Castle (660 m)
Súlov, Súľov Mountains

Castle Halič/Gács
Halič, Revúca Upland

The ruins of Šariš Castle
Šariš, Šariš Hills

Kapusany Castle at hill - Straź
Kapušany, Šariš

View of Markaz from the ruins of the castle
Markaz, Mátra

Castle Regéc
Regéc, Zemplén Hills

The very North-West end of the  Carpathians, at Devin
Devín, Malé Karpaty (Little Carpathians)

Castle Heimoburg
Heimoburg, Hundsheimer (Hainburger) Berge

Ruins of Dívčí Hrad
Děvín (Dívčí hrad) hrad, Pavlovské vrchy (Pálava Hills)

Scenery with cliff and castle
Csókakő, Transdanubian Hills (just outside the Carpathians)

Castle in Chocske Vrchy
Likava, Chočské Mountains

Slovenska Lupca castle hill
Slovenská Ľupča, Horehronské podolie

Bran castle
Bran, Southern Carpathians

Râşnov Fortress
Râşnov, Southern Carpathians



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Voted 6/10

an album for wooden castles ? :)
Posted Mar 27, 2009 8:21 am

yatsekRe: and


Hasn't voted

That I leave up to you :-) I'm afraid wooden 'castles' have been growing like mushrooms at the foot of the mts :-( in villages such as Ziar in recent years. What's more, these days even some Galls can be (planning on) building another one:)
Posted Mar 27, 2009 8:33 am

lcarreauRe: "The Galls?"


Voted 10/10

Now, I need to reopen my history book. Who are/were the Galls?
Where did they actually originate from? Do they like to climb
Posted Mar 29, 2009 11:36 am

yatsekRe: Gallic


Hasn't voted

Sacrebleu! No doubt my English is limited, no wonder I often sound like I'm speaking in French, or Latin, or something like that. The only other alternative could be my subconscious just meant those annoying Gauls :-) Anyway, I was referring to some roving Gallic – by no means to Native American – warriors:)) No need to resort to a history book, Larry.
Posted Mar 29, 2009 2:17 pm

lcarreauRe: Gallic


Voted 10/10

What, I don't get to reopen my dusty history book with yellowing pages?

Interesting ... I didn't know of the connection between Gauls and

Instead of all the "aggressive activity," those folks COULD have
been out there making conquests of lofty peaks. Guess I'll never
understand what all the fighting was for back then ... ):
Posted Mar 29, 2009 9:59 pm

Konrad Sus!!!!

Konrad Sus

Hasn't voted

Very nice idea!
Posted Apr 3, 2009 1:24 pm

yatsekRe: !!!!


Hasn't voted

I'm glad you like it, appreciate your pix and hope you'll contribute to this album again in future. But the general idea had been here before:)
Posted Apr 3, 2009 3:41 pm



Voted 6/10


Posted Apr 8, 2009 7:58 am

yatsekRe: related


Hasn't voted

Thanks (I wasn't aware of the existence of the non-Polish one) - attached.
Posted Apr 8, 2009 8:24 am

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