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Who needs Mountain House? We brought KFC! (Day 2 high camp on Mt Rainier's Curtis Ridge) (by Anastasia Blagoveshchenskaya)


Male, 34 years old

Berkeley, California, United States

Power = 430 (Vote Weight = 93.7%)

Occupation: Structural Engineer, Independent Contractor at a software company.

Website: http://www.markpthomas.com

Partner Details: I lead solid 5.9, and some 5.10a-c trad. See my MountainProject profile below for what sort of routes I've been climbing lately, and my trad "to-do" list. I LOVE crack climbing! I'm also liking the wide stuff

Climbing History & Ambitions:

My Images
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My Areas & Ranges (1)
Ouray Ice Park, Colorado (Southwest Colorado Ice Climbing)
My Mountains & Rocks (18)
The Gate Buttress - Prune Face (Little Cottonwood Canyon)
The Gate Buttress - Five Fingers Area (Little Cottonwood Canyon)
Lisa Falls (Little Cottonwood Canyon)
Four Gables (John Muir Wilderness)
South Basin Peak (pt. 13,240') (John Muir Wilderness)
Palisade Crest (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Jepson (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Wolverine & Mount Tuscarora (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Mount Millicent (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Honeycomb Cliffs (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Sunset Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Mount Majestic (Clayton Peak) (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Pioneer Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Storm Mountain (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Gunsight Peak (High Uintas Wilderness)
Mount Raymond (Wasatch Range (Central))
Red Baldy (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Notch Peak (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
My Routes (66)
West Ridge (Mount Robinson)
East Arete (Mount Winchell)
Rolling Stones (Mount Agassiz)
Selaginella (Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center)
Pipeline Couloir (American Fork Twin Peaks)
North Ridge (Broads Fork Twin Peaks)
Narcolepsy Area (Big Cottonwood Canyon)
Bumble Bee Wall (Big Cottonwood Canyon)
Traverse of the Goddesses (Mount Olympus)
Dead Snag (Big Cottonwood Canyon)
Storm Mountain Island (Big Cottonwood Canyon)
Static Wall & Reservoir Alcove (Big Cottonwood Canyon)
Dogwood Crag (Big Cottonwood Canyon)
Millstone Slab (Big Cottonwood Canyon)
Salt Lake Slips (Big Cottonwood Canyon)
Absent-Minded Arete (Mount Olympus)
North Ridge (Pfeifferhorn)
East Ridge (Four Gables)
South Ridge (Four Gables)
Horton Lakes (South Basin Peak (pt. 13,240'))
Northeast Ridge (South Basin Peak (pt. 13,240'))
South Slopes via Dry Creek (Box Elder Peak)
Bullion Divide (American Fork Twin Peaks)
North Ridge/NE Face (Mt. Dromedary)
West Ridge (Flagstaff Mountain)
North Cleft (Lembert Dome)
Circle-All Pk - N & SE Ridges (Circle All Peak)
East Face Chutes (Mount Raymond)
Millcreek Ridge (Grandeur Peak)
The Third Nipple (aka. The Bastard Son) (American Fork Twin Peaks)
West Ridge (Mount Olympus)
Forgotten Arete (Mount Olympus)
Pharaohs Glen (Grandeur Peak)
East Ridge (Wolfs Head)
Twin Lakes Pass (Mount Wolverine & Mount Tuscarora)
via Mount Millicent (Mount Wolverine & Mount Tuscarora)
Catherine Pass (Mount Wolverine & Mount Tuscarora)
Twin Lakes Reservoir (Mount Millicent)
Twin Lakes Pass (Honeycomb Cliffs)
Snake Creek Pass Trails (Mount Majestic (Clayton Peak))
Ferguson Canyon (Storm Mountain)
Big Willow (Lone Peak)
West Ridge (White Mountain Peak)
North West Ridge (Lassen Peak)
Wintun Ridge (Mount Shasta)
Triple Traverse (Mt. Dromedary)
Lisa Falls Direct (Broads Fork Twin Peaks)
North East Ridge (Mount Raymond)
South West Slope (Mount Raymond)
East Ridge (Red Baldy)
Northwest Slopes (Red Baldy)
Alternative Gold Basin Route (Mount Tukuhnikivatz)
Middle La Sal Traverse (Mount Mellenthin)
East Ridge (Pfeifferhorn)
Deaf Smith Canyon (Broads Fork Twin Peaks)
Painter Spring (Notch Peak)
The 'Amphitheater' (Notch Peak)
North Face Trail (Mount Olympus)
My Trailheads (1)
White Pine Trailhead (Pfeifferhorn)
My Canyons (2)
Little Cottonwood Canyon (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Big Cottonwood Canyon (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
My Custom Objects (6)
My Albums (10)
My Articles (4)
Reflections and Lessons from Mt. Shasta (Against All Hope: Life, Partnership, and Loss on Mt. Shasta)
Why Tom and I Climbed and Why I'll Continue to Climb (Against All Hope: Life, Partnership, and Loss on Mt. Shasta)
My Trip Reports (30)
War Path on Warbonnet, NE Face, Left (Cirque of the Towers)
North Arete of Matterhorn Peak (Matterhorn Peak)

Climber's Logs I've Signed (232)
Mountains & Rocks (151)
Mount Tukuhnikivatz (La Sal Mountains)
Mount Moran (Teton Range)
South Basin Peak (pt. 13,240') (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Florence (Yosemite National Park)
Simmons Peak (Yosemite National Park)
North Sister (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mt Carl Heller (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Humphreys (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Starr King (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Robinson (Palisades)
Half Dome (Yosemite National Park)
North Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Clark (Yosemite National Park)
Pothole Dome (Tuolumne Meadows - Logistical Center)
Crystal Crag (John Muir Wilderness)
Puppy Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Lembert Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Matthes Crest (Yosemite National Park)
Cathedral Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Bear Creek Spire (John Muir Wilderness)
Pyramid Peak (Little Lakes Valley) (John Muir Wilderness)
Rosy Finch Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Tunnabora Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Colosseum Mountain (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Cedric Wright (John Muir Wilderness)
Tenaya Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Thunderbolt Peak (California 14ers)
North Palisade (California County Highpoints)
Starlight Peak (California 14ers)
Little Pfeifferhorn (Wasatch Range (Central))
Reynolds Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Thayne Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Circle All Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Patsy Marley (Wasatch Range (Central))
Preston Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Pfeifferhorn (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Mount Tamalpais (California County Highpoints)
Mount Diablo (California County Highpoints)
Chipman Peak (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Middle Palisade (California 14ers)
Royce Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Ptarmigan Point (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Hallett Peak (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Flattop Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Mount Elbert (Colorado 14ers)
Boundary Peak (Nevada) (Nevada County Highpoints)
Mount Edith (Banff Nat´l Park)
Mount Cory (Banff Nat´l Park)
Mount Fairview (Banff Nat´l Park)
Mount Temple (Banff Nat´l Park)
Mount Nebo (Utah County Highpoints)
Denali (Alaska Range)
Rocky Peak Ridge (Adirondacks)
Giant Mountain (Adirondacks)
Mount Dana (Yosemite National Park)
Cloudripper (John Muir Wilderness)
Vagabond Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Powell (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Pywiack Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Gannett Peak (U.S. State Highpoints)
Castle Dome (Castle Crags)
Hidden Peak (Utah) (Little Cottonwood Canyon)
Mount Agassiz (Palisades)
Mount Rainier (Cascade Volcanoes)
Junction Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Thor Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Trojan Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Thompson (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Gilbert (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Smith: Monkey Face (Oregon Pinnacles)
Temple Crag (John Muir Wilderness)
Chocolate Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Isosceles Peak (Palisades)
Clyde Spires (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Lamarck (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Emerson (John Muir Wilderness)
Merriam Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Pipsqueak Spire (John Muir Wilderness)
Grand Teton (Teton Range)
Four Gables (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Wallace (John Muir Wilderness)
Mt. Timpanogos (UT) (Wasatch Range (South))
North Thunder Mountain (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Flagstaff Mountain (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Bighorn Peak (Upper Bells Peak) (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Sugarloaf Peak (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Mount Baldy (UT) (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Wilson Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Handies Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Watson (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Notch Mountain (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Reids Peak (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Bald Mountain (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Matterhorn Peak (SPS Emblem Peaks)
Mount Jepson (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Winchell (Palisades)
Basin Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Maclure (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Lyell (California County Highpoints)
White Baldy (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Mount Wolverine & Mount Tuscarora (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Mount Millicent (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Honeycomb Cliffs (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Sunset Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Mount Majestic (Clayton Peak) (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Pioneer Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Sundial Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
South Thunder Mountain (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Storm Mountain (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Box Elder Peak (Wasatch Range (South))
Mount Ritter (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Banner Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Williamson (California 14ers)
Mount LeConte (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Corcoran (John Muir Wilderness)
White Mountain Peak (California County Highpoints)
Mount Langley (California 14ers)
Round Top (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Lassen Peak (California County Highpoints)
Mount Tallac (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Gunsight Peak (High Uintas Wilderness)
Mount Aire (Wasatch Range (Central))
Gobblers Knob (Wasatch Range (Central))
Sunrise Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Mt. Dromedary (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Devil's Castle (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Mount Raymond (Wasatch Range (Central))
Red Baldy (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
American Fork Twin Peaks (Utah County Highpoints)
Grandeur Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Mount Mellenthin (La Sal Mountains)
Mount Muir (California 14ers)
Mount Whitney (California County Highpoints)
Polemonium Peak (California 14ers)
Mount Sill (California 14ers)
Mount Conness (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Tyndall (California 14ers)
Mount Russell (California 14ers)
Mount Superior & Monte Cristo (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Mount Shasta (California County Highpoints)
Deseret Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
Lone Peak (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Kings Peak (Kings-Emmons Ridge)
Broads Fork Twin Peaks (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Split Mountain (California 14ers)
Notch Peak (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Mount Olympus (Wasatch Range (Central))
Routes (79)
The South Face (Washington Column - Yosemite Valley)
East Arete (Mount Humphreys)
West Slabs Route (Mount Olympus)
The Great White Icicle (Little Cottonwood Canyon)
West Ridge (Mount Robinson)
North Couloir (North Peak)
Northwest Arete (Mount Clark)
Men at Work (Pothole Dome)
Right Side Topropes (Pothole Dome)
South Ridge (Crystal Crag)
North Arête (Crystal Crag)
South Slope (Lembert Dome)
Northwest Books (Lembert Dome)
South to North Traverse (Matthes Crest)
SE Buttress (Cathedral Peak)
Northeast Ridge (Bear Creek Spire)
North Ridge (Rosy Finch Peak)
SW slopes (Colosseum Mountain)
South East Slope (Mount Cedric Wright)
SE Slopes (Mount Fairview)
Aquaknobby (Pywiack Dome)
SW Ridge (Tenaya Peak)
NW Buttress (Tenaya Peak)
North Couloir (Thunderbolt Peak)
Northwest Ridge (Thunderbolt Peak)
The Summit Block (Thunderbolt Peak)
North Face Trail (Mount Olympus)
East Arete (Mount Winchell)
Southwest Chute number 1 (Thunderbolt Peak)
U-Notch + Chimney Variation (North Palisade)
Clyde Variation (North Palisade)
From the U-Notch (Polemonium Peak)
Thunderbolt to Sill Traverse (Thunderbolt Peak)
Traverse from Thunderbolt (Starlight Peak)
East Ridge (Pfeifferhorn)
Swan Slab (Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center)
Pine Line (Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center)
Green Butte Ridge (Mount Shasta)
Northeast Face (Middle Palisade)
Standard Route (Hallett Peak)
Casaval Ridge (Mount Shasta)
Mount Olympus Trail (Mount Olympus)
Hotlum Glacier (Mount Shasta)
Three Peak Traverse (Mount Edith)
Cory Scramble (Mount Cory)
St. Piran Scramble (Mount St. Piran)
SW Ridge (Mount Temple)
Normal Route (Eiffel Peak)
West Buttress (Denali)
The Trapps (Shawangunk "Gunks")
Dana Couloir (Mount Dana)
SE Face (Mount Powell)
NE Couloir (Mount Powell)
East Face (Vogelsang Peak)
Zee Tree (Pywiack Dome)
Regular Route (Castle Dome)
Northeast Ridge/Face (Merriam Peak)
West Ridge (Mount Emerson)
Southeast Face (Mount Emerson)
South Ridge (Clyde Spires)
Contact Pass (Temple Crag)
Pioneer Route (Smith: Monkey Face)
Harrington Couloir (Mount Thompson)
North Couloir (Mount Gilbert)
North West Ridge (Lassen Peak)
Disappointment Cleaver (Mount Rainier)
West Face via Bells Canyon (North Thunder Mountain)
Coalpit Gulch (North Thunder Mountain)
Bouissonier (Joshua Tree National Park)
Overhang Bypass (Joshua Tree National Park)
Canyons (2)
Little Cottonwood Canyon (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Big Cottonwood Canyon (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)

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