Belle Epoque de Javorina. Carpathian October of Gold

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Belle Epoque de Javorina. Carpathian October of Gold
Created On: Dec 4, 2012
Last Edited On: Dec 4, 2012

All in good time.

Here and now, I have the pleasure to present some selection of photos from probably the most joyful period of time of mine in the year that's passing.
Brilliant October days spent on crossing Slovak Carpathians painted with all colours of the sunny autumn. From South to North, straight after unforgetable
Hungarian encounters on the Danube Bend(best greets to Peterbud) and other spiritual delights of Budapest city visit(DCD) heading to the easternmost
corner of Javorina country at feet of one, magic, white rock. The dream fulfilled. The dream I miss every single morning waking up far from that atmosphere,
those whispering forests, those views, that peacefullness, the people you want to listen to, to share thoughts... far from beloved White Tatra land...

Muranska Planina, Slovak Paradise and Spis highlands, forests, canyons and river valleys, Low, White and High Tatra mountain ranges, sunsets and sunrises...
All in good time.


Carpathians of Slovakia and Poland, 19-23 October 2012


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