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North Ridge View

Northern Cache Valley and Oxford Peak from the Summit of Mt. Logan

The Wellsvilles and Cache Valley from the Summit

Southern Wellsvilles from Mount Logan

The Uintas from Mount Logan

Cherry Peak, elevation 9765...

Eastern Bear River Range from Mount Logan

To the South from Naomi's...

Logan Peak from the North

Another peak in the vicinity...

Map of FCOHP

Sherman Up Close

Glowing Trees

Mount Logan and Millville Peak

Beirdneau Peak

Flower Power

Mt. Logan in Fall

East of Logan Canyon

Rick's Spring

Preston Valley Pinnacle

Temple Peak and Logan Canyon

Looking back southeast, about...

After the first little climb,...

After the second little...

Climbing up the summit ridge,...

Last part of the trail and...

Bloomingtom Peak and Pond

Dry Canyon Route

View of Mt. Naomi from the...

Crystal Clear

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Viewing: 1-30 of 4999