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on the ridge

On the Höllentalferner

View down the Höllental

rocky section of the Jubil-grat

Crossing the Höllentalferner-glacier

Solitude in the mountains ...

Pick a number and wait in line

Looking back down the via ferrata route

Ahhhh, Alps

Oh, the horror

Just another day at the office, or not

Zugspitze, 06/2010

Posing on the Jubigrat

Sunny Zugpitze

It's getting airy...

Zugspitze 2961m

Zugspitze Summit Cross

Viewing Platform

North Face Cables

Eibsee Lake

Mountain View from Granau, Germany

What a place to fly

The Zugspitze


Looking into the "New World"

Martin fogl is balancing on the ridge. Zugspitze summit is vissible at the very rear of img.

First parts of the ridge as seen from Zugspitze.

Martin fogl have just climbed 3- grade. No rope, no security, no fear..)

You are looking in at Zugspitze from col in front of the most western peak of Hollental Spitzen

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Viewing: 1-30 of 24628