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Splitter Gear has also incorporated the patent pending 2Cam technology into a 4Cam unit. This versatile device has the added advantage of providing a climber protection with only 2 cams inserted into a crack. This gives a climber more options for protection within a given 4Cam size range compared to other traditional camming devices. The 4Cam is narrower than all other three and four cam devices and excels in many of the same ways as the 2Cam. With two smaller 2Cam sizes and a full range of 4Cams currently under development, 2Cam technology will become a benchmark for cleaner, more efficient, and safer traditional climbing protection.

Sizes Available

Nosize-range inches wt g width strength

.5 .47-.67 64 1.25 9 purple
.6 .57-.80 67 1.25 9 green
1 .74-1.09 86 1.32 13 yellow
2 .87-1.30 91 1.32 13blue
3 1.03-1.53 96 1.32 13 red


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