Beal Ice Line 8.1 mm


Beal Ice Line 8.1 mm
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Object Title Beal Ice Line 8.1 mm
Manufacturer Beal
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Product Description

The Beal Ice line is the perfect rope for ice climbing but also makes a superb half rope for the expert climber who requires a light weight slick handling rope. It has an extremely low impact force which is excellent for potential poor belays points.

This rope is made form a 32 bobbin internal construction and and is designed to have an extremely low impact force which means less force is transferred to the climber or belay point.

The Golden dry treatment is a heat sealed fluoride treatment applied to every single strand on the internal rope filaments, this means the rope will absorb very little water in the wettest of conditions and the rope will retain it’s handling and won’t get weighed down

Technical Information

Half rope: UIAA - CE
Weight per meter: 42 g
Impact force: 4.85-4.90 kN
Number of UIAA Falls: 9 - 10
Sheath slippage: 0 mm
Colour - Various, if a pair are ordered, they will be different colours.
Length - 60m
Treatment - Golden dry cover



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