Fuse 9.4


Fuse 9.4
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Object Title Fuse 9.4
Manufacturer Petzl
Page By Dan Dalton
Page Type Dec 25, 2007 / Dec 25, 2007
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Product Description

According to Petzl, if you buy one of these bad boys, here is what you should expect:

Super-light with great handling, the FUSE's stout sheath provides durability for sport climbing or fast and light adventure climbing. The perfect balance between weight and durability.



Technical specifications
FUSE 9.4mm x 60m, green: RD9460 G1
FUSE 9.4mm x 60m, blue: RD9460 B1
FUSE 9.4mm x 70m, green: RD9470 G1
FUSE 9.4mm x 70m, blue: RD9470 B1
Lengths 60 and 70 m
Diameter 9.4 mm
Type single rope
Weight 56 g/m
UIAA falls 6
Impact force 8.25 kN
Elongation - dynamic: 34.4 %
- static: 7.2 %
% sheath by weight 33.3 %

The Lowdown

I definately noticed the weight difference of this guy, and at 70 meters, it was much lighter than anything I had ever climbed on before. Light and sexy, this guy is perfect for ice and sport, (specifically redpointing.) Although I have been told that this does not work well as a hangdog/projecting rope, the fact that the seath makes up 1/3 the wieght should attest to the durability of the rope. I am looking forward to brining this guy to many a sport climb at Shelf and to areas where I am close to redpointing. Due to its light wieght, I would imagine it does great on alpine climbs as well and plan to test this in the near future. Bottom line, a great rope that performs well for waht it is supposed to do.



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