2 Burner Compact Gas Camp Stove


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Object Title 2 Burner Compact Gas Camp Stove
Manufacturer Coleman
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Page Type Mar 3, 2003 / Mar 3, 2003
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  • Compact size is easy to pack
  • 21,000 BTUs on main burner alone; 11,500 BTUs on main burner and 9,500 BTUs on auxiliary burner
  • Powered by 2.5 pints of Coleman® Fuel
  • 2 hours burn time on high, 7.5 hours on low
  • Boils a quart of water in 4 minutes
  • 15.13" x 20" x 7.25" (closed)


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bigwally - Mar 3, 2003 8:27 am - Voted 5/5

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Of all of the climbing that I have done, the vast majority of the meals and morning coffee has been prepared on this stove!!!! I do Love the tiny Expedition stoves manufactured by MSR, Optimus, Svea and others.They certainly do have their place ! ....in my pack.!! This Marvelous Stove has is place as well.!!...on my tailgate, on my sea kayak and on the "Basecamp" picnic table !!!!!!

The Coleman company, now in operation for more than 3/4 of a century, reminds us that this stove was strapped to the running boards of Model"T" Fords for family outings and picnics. Its been used by the soldiers of the U.S. Military in numerous campaigns. "Moonshiners" used it during Prohibition, as it produced no smoke, ( and "Non-Traditional"labs broadly employ it today, due to its dependable, even and readily adjustable flame, but Coleman DOES NOT remind us of that.....).

Little has changed with this stove over the past several decades. Most all parts are readily interchangable. My current stove is an assemblage utilizing parts from 3 previous stoves (one was run-over, one had been used as a bear bludgeon and one of which is from my childhood, and I'm 51). Spare parts are readily available at any "Outdoors" store....and Walmart.

Why bother balancing a batch of boiling water over a tiny torch on a tailgate?? Why seek satiety in scorched soup or bowls of blackened baked beans ?? Why sear when you can simmer??? With this stove, you can do both.....at the same time!! The auxillary burner is Perfect for omlettes, while the main burner can Blast Away keeping a constant current of coffee coming !!

After you have learned that Olive Oil or motor oil is better than spit , when it comes to making the pressure pump gasket seal properly, these stoves have the highest reliability and are virtually indestructable !!....??Waterproof??...Who cares?? Pour the water out of the pipes and fire it up.!! My Coleman 2 Burner sat unsheltered on a picnic table in Yosemite's Camp 4, for 9 months straight. It never failed to light. Even last month, on a sea kayaktrip to Baja, Mexico, I forgot the waterproof bag for this Coleman ( as it rides up on the deck on our double) and once we poured the water out, it lit and cooked every time !!!...Indestructable??...The only times that I've seen one damaged was when Bozo Bob backed the Bronco over it and when Bungee Ben bent one back, over a bothersome bear's brow, some years ago.

I strongly suspect that I will own and employ one of these models for the rest of my Life. I hope that you have one, too...

miztflip - Nov 30, 2004 10:43 am - Voted 5/5

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For it's intended use, this stove rocks. My wife and I use this stove when car camping on climbing trips. When used on the tailgate it's like having your home kitchen.

We've never had any problem priming or starting the stove and it also works great in cold weather.

The controls allow for everthing from a gentle simmer to a hard boil with slight turns. We've also had great luck with fuel consumption.

stepho - Mar 14, 2009 11:29 am - Voted 5/5

Great for camp
This stove is great for camp and is very durable. It is also very easy to use. I don't take it out of camp since it is to heavy and bulky to pack.

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