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MSR Reactor
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Product Description

A Stove System where the Pot sits directly on the burner and the hot air is forced to go along the pot.
This is a very efficient way to not waste gas.
It burns well with common gas canisters with screw mount.

Tested up to 6500m on the 2015 Kurumdy Expedition. We needed less gas than expected and this was our luck because we needed double the time we planned (15 days). I would estimate 25-50% off the amount we calculated.

If you have to melt snow or your party counts more than 2 people then go for the 2.4l pot.

Unfortunately it stopped working in 2018 when we returnd to BC after climbing Pobeda (KG). I did ask for advice/repair but didn't get an answer from MSR in Austria.


Weight is good - depends on pot size. If you calculate for a several day trip and the reduced amount of gas you need.
Pot can be used on some other stoves too, but check it out first!
3 sizes of pots: 1l, 1.7l, 2.4l
The coffee press is a nice thing to have (for 1l and 1.7l pot available).
The hanging kit is a must if you want to cook inside your tent or with a tripod (of ski poles). Very lightweight.
Standard screw mount for gas canisters.



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