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The Good, the Great, and the Awesome: The Top 40 High Sierra Rock Climbs
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The Good, the Great, and the Awesome: The Top 40 High Sierra Rock Climbs

The Good, the Great, and the Awesome: The Top 40 High Sierra Rock Climbs

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Object Title: The Good, the Great, and the Awesome: The Top 40 High Sierra Rock Climbs

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Product Description



  • Written by one of the most amazing and experienced High Sierra climbers (e.g. sub-24 hour tour of Evolution Traverse)

  • Routes range from Class 2 to 5.11a and grades II-VI with the bulk of the book focused on grade III-IV moderates.

  • Topos

  • An entertaining read with history and humorous Croftesque tidbits

  • Amenities listed for each of the E Sierra towns

  • YDS rating and gear list in overview for each climb

  • Mileage breakdown includes terrain type (e.g. cross-country v. trail)


  • Route descriptions may be a bit light on detail for some

  • No color photos inside

Biased Opinion
This is a must have book for any E Sierra alpine climber. It lists some of the finest routes in my all-time favorite climbing location.

The Routes

Grade VI

  • Palisade Traverse, 5.9**

  • Evolution Traverse, 5.9***

  • Minaret Traverse, 5.9***

  • Sawtooth Traverse, 5.8*

Grade V

  • Palisades (Temple Crag/Gayley/Sill), rating depends on route ***

  • Dark Star on Temple Crag, 5.10c**

  • Keeler Needle on Whitney, 5.10c*

  • Positive Vibrations on the Incredible Hulk, 5.11a***

  • SW Face of Conness, 5.10c**

Grade IV

  • Sun Ribbon Arete on Temple Crag, 5.10a**

  • Palisades (T-bolt to Sill), 5.9***

  • Red Dihedral (aka Ygdrasil)on the Incredible Hulk, 5.10c***

  • SW Face of Clyde Minaret, 5.8*

  • Moon Goddess Arete on Temple Crag, 5.8*

  • Venusian Blind on Temple Crag, 5.7***

  • Matthes Crest, 5.7***

  • Western Front on Russell, 5.10c**

  • W Ridge of Conness, 5.6***

  • Cathedral Traverse, 5.6*

  • E Face Direct of Outguard Spire, 5.10d*

Grade III

  • Mithral Dihedral on Russell, 5.10a**

  • Fishhook Arete on Russell, 5.8**

  • N Buttress on Goode, 5.9*

  • S Face of Charlotte Dome, 5.8***

  • Regular Route on Third Pillar of Dana, 5.10a**

  • NE Gully of Laurel, 5.2**

  • E Face of Whitney, 5.7***

  • E Buttress of Whitney, 5.7***

  • N Ridge of Lone Pine Peak, 5.5**

  • N Arete on Bear Creek Spire, 5.8*

  • E Arete on Humphreys, 5.5*

  • N Ridge of Conness, 5.6**

  • NE Ridge on Bear Creek Spire, Cl 4***

  • SE Buttress of Cathedral, 5.7***

  • E Face of Middle Palisade, Cl 3***

  • E Chute of Basin, Cl 4*

Grade II

  • Swiss Arete on Sill, 5.7***

  • E Arete on Russell, Cl 3***

  • N Arete of Crystal Crag, 5.7**

  • NW Slope of Agassiz, Cl 2**



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Bill Kishone of my favorite sierra guidebooks

Voted 5/5

This is one of my favorite Sierra guidebooks. Croft's great sense of humor really comes through in many of the accompanying vignettes. The route info is generally pretty good. I particularly like that he provides elevation gain/loss info for each route along with the approach mileage breakdown.
Posted Aug 11, 2008 8:01 pm


Voted 5/5

Great guide book! As Bill states, this book gets Croft's sense of humor across very well. Probably the most helpful guide book I own, gives you the useful info as well as history, which is outstanding. In all, highly recommended as a part of the collection of Eastern Sierra guidebooks I have.
Posted Aug 31, 2010 5:13 pm

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