Lower Titus Peak

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Idaho, United States, North America
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Lower Titus Peak
Created On: Jan 6, 2005
Last Edited On: Oct 19, 2009


Lower Titus's general round nature, plentiful snowfall, and prime winter access make this an excellent destination for back country skiers.

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Lower Titus Peak is located in the beautiful Smokey Mountains northwest of Sun Valley. This mountain actually sees much of it's traffic in the winter because its location near the top of Galena Summit not only allows for a short approach, but also an abundance of snowfall during the winter. Lower Titus is a rounded peak with beautiful views on every side. Located on the main crest of the Smokeys, Lower Titus is the northernmost summit to top 10,000 ft in the range. The walk to the summit is an easy class two with very enjoyable views. Its summit also houses a small weather station.

Summit Views

Lower Titus Peak photo_id=127000

Getting There

Leaving Ketchum, drive north on Idaho 75. In about 23 miles you will reach Galena Lodge. Continue on 75 and begin a the steep ascent up to Galena Pass. Conditions on this stretch of road may vary greatly in the winter. Occasionally the pass is closed due to heavy snow but it is usually cleared out within a few days. Once at the summit, there is a large turnout on the Wood River Valley side on your right. Then just past that, there is a little turnout on the Sawtooth Valley side on your left. Park at this turnout right around the sign that states, "Galena Summit, Elevation 8,701". There should be a faint trail heading South into the woods. Follow this trail until it slowly fades away around Peak 9,636. From here, continue south on the connecting ridgeline passing over Peak 9,921. Continue south up the easy class 2 ridge until reaching Lower Titus Peak.

Red Tape

No red tape but be sure if you are attempting a winter ascent to review on all your avalanche safety.

When To Climb

Lower Titus Peak and the connecting ridgelines are usually climbed in the winter months especially after a heavy snowfall it wouldnt be uncommon too see a dozen people heading for Lower Titus. In the summer, this mountain offers a short hike with unbelivable views of the surrounding terrain.


There is plentiful camping in the area with numerous campgrounds in the upper Wood River Valley. There is also some decent camping at nearby Titus Lake.
View South from Lower TitusView South

Mountain Conditions

There is a fully serviced weather station with complete antenna, anometer, snow depth sensor, etc. on the summit. Please do not interfere with this equipment. For hourly conditions on the summit of Lower Titus Peak follow this link. Lower Titus
Lower Tituslower Titus Peak

Lower Titus Peak

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