Peak 10337 (Camas Cohp)

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Location Lat/Lon: 43.81480°N / 114.7139°W
Additional Information Elevation: 10337 ft / 3151 m
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Looking toward the last part...

Idaho is a state that has a wealth of mountains and normally a peak such as Peak 10337 wouldn't draw much attention since it isn't even one you'd notice. However, what sets Peak 10337 apart and makes it noteworthy is the fact that is has the distinction of being the highest spot in all of Camas county. County highpointing is an area that is growing in interest and there are many (such as myself) who enjoy bagging the highest point in each county. Idaho has 44 counties and in my opinion should be considered one of the more difficult states to get all the county highpoints of. Consider that some like Borah Peak, Hyndman Peak, and Diamond Peaks are sought after by climbers from far and wide. Then consider that several county highpoints are difficult to even get to and are rarely visited. More info on the Idaho county highpoints can be found HERE. To date, only three people have achieved doing all of Idaho.

It is an outstanding view point. One finds that from the summit of Peak 10337, you are surrounded by a sea of peaks in all directions. Directly north is Saviers Peak (10441 ft) in neighboring Blaine county. Just north of Saviers Peak are Bromaghin (10225) Titus (10110) and Lower Titus (10005) which if a person has the time, would make a worthwhile group to visit while in the area. Further north is the outstanding Castle Peak (11815). To the south is the Sun Valley ski area, although not obvious from Peak 10337 due to the fact that Norton Peak (10336) and Prairie Creek Peak (10138) and others block the view in that direction. To the northwest, the Sawtooth mountain range is visible with McDonald Peak (10068), Snowyside (at 10651 the Elmore county highpoint) and Cramer Peak (at 10716 the Boise county highpoint). The interactive map provided by SP really gives you a feel as to what is in this area. To the east and northeast are a ton of peaks, some of which are among the most outstanding in Idaho. Visible on the eastern horizon are Hyndman, Old Hyndman and Cobb. Hyndman is the county highpoint of Blaine county. Closer in are the Boulder Mountains, containing peaks such Galena, Easley, Cerro Ciento, Boulder and many many more which the Idaho Kid has been doing an excellent job of providing pages for. Rather than provide a link for each page, click on IdahoKid and check out all his pages via the links there.

So, is a visit to Peak 10337 worthwhile even if you are not a county highpointer? Absolutely but I'd definitely consider spending several days in the area and visiting other peaks in this area as well. One note that is worth mentioning. While Bromaghin and Saviers Peaks are visible from highway 75, Peak 10337 is not very obvious unless you know what you are looking for. Also, if the county line had been drawn just a little bit differently, this page would most likely not exist here at SP.

A thought on a name for this peak:
A good name for this peak would be Pierre's Point, in honor of Pierre Savier, who at this moment of time is living in nearby Ketchum. Pierre was the second person to climb Old Hyndman and his parents have nearby Saviers Peak after them as in the 1940s they climbed the peak during their honeymoon and left a register. Mr. Saviers is now dead but was an accomplished Idaho mountaineer and very well known local doctor.
The above information provided by Sean aka Idaho Kid

Getting There

Directions: From Ketchum, drive north on ID-75 for 20 miles and look for the Owl Creek turnoff on the west side of the road. If you are driving 60 MPH, you'll miss the turn off so watch your odometer and slow down so you can make the sharp turn. I actually GPS'd the turnoff and it helped make it very easy to locate. If you are coming from the north, the turnoff is about 3 miles from Galena Lodge. Again, having it GPS'd will make it a slam dunk. Immediately after the turnoff, the Owl Creek Road crosses the Big Wood river and this is going to be the problem for most vehicles. The Big Wood River is about 25 feet across but I'd not want to attempt it if the water is high. I'd forget early season on this one although you could cross the river a few miles downriver on a bicycle bridge if you didn't want to wade it when the water is high and fast. This will add several miles as well as necessitate the hiking of the Owl Creek road, another 3 1/2 miles.

Assuming that you have now crossed the Big Wood River (again, late season is the best time for crossing it), you'll short cross a bicycle path as you head up the Owl Creek road. This is a fairly rough road in places with muddy spots and places where high clearance is necessary. About half way up the road, a tree is down but an obvious path around it has been established and presented no real problem. Follow the road to its end in about 3.5 miles. I didn't quite make it all the way to the end of the road due to a washout. I parked here and found it only left me about two tenths of a mile to where the road ended in a meadow although you might be able to drive past the washout if you had a little higher clearance than I did.

Another approach would be from Galena Summit and then south via Titus, Bromaghin and Saviers peaks. One register entry indicated that this was the route taken by two county highpointers but mentioned it wasn't an easy route.

Red Tape

No permits required in this area

When To Climb

If you intend to drive up the Owl Creek road, then late season (August and later) would be the best time to do this peak since the water crossing of the Big Wood River would be problematic when the river is running high. If you walk the road and ford the river, then this peak could be climbed most anytime of the year. Ice axe and crampons might be necessary in winter conditions.


You could camp anywhere along the Owl Creek road (where suitable) or at the end of the road. These would all be primitive or camp in your vehicle.

Some nice campgrounds along the road from Ketchum to the Owl Creek turnoff are:
North Fork Campground: 8 miles north of Ketchum / 30 sites / fee
Wood River Campgroun: 10 miles north of Ketchum / 32 sites / fee
Easley Campground: 14 miles north of Ketchum / 10 sites / fee

I remember seeing a couple more campgrounds along highway 75 ( or near it) prior to the Owl Creek turnoff.

Ranger District information

PO Box 2356
Ketchum, ID 83340

District information can be found HERE

Local weather Conditions

Camas County

Since Camas County has a highpoint, it is only fair to mention a few facts about Camas County itself. As of the 2000 Census the county had a population of 991. Whoa, maybe today it is over 1000, you know, with all the Californians moving in. (just kidding as I'm originally from California but who'd blame them) The county seat is Fairfield. Fairfield? Where is that. Ok, time to get your map out and see for yourself. Camas County was created by the Idaho Legislature on February 6, 1917 by a partition of Blaine County. It is named for a lily-like bulb found in the region used as a food source by native Americans and settlers. That is all I've found out so far but if you have additional info, please let me know. I can tell you that this is beautiful country and those who are lucky enough to live there aren't going to go out of their way to try and get more people to move in. They like it fine just like it is. So, visit, and get the heck outta Dodge.

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