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Elevation: 11322 ft / 3451 m

Brief overview

Snow Dome is the 11,322 foot/3451 metre peak to the right as you look up the Athabasca icefield from the Columbia Icefield Centre. It was called "The Dome" by its first ascent party of Collie, Stutfield and Woolley in 1898. The "Snow" part was apparently added at a later date. This mountain is a popular ski climb via the south slopes in spring.

Camping on the glacier. Jonathan Stanley

Snow Dome - A Hydrological Apex of North America

Snow Dome is the "hydrographic apex" of North America. Which means the snow that melts off of its summit drains into three oceans. To the Pacific via the Columbia river, to the Artic via The Athabasca river, and to the Atlantic by the North Saskatchwen river. This highly interesting part of its geography is explained in detail at the Columbia Icefields Centre and is well worth dodging the tourists to visit while you are in the area.

Some other notes of interest.
Rocky Mountains of Canada lists it as 3,451 metres/ 11,322 feet.
The Atlas of Canada lists it as 3,520 metres/ 11,545 feet.
Imperial Topographics list it as Metres/11,500 feet

Getting there

From Banff, take Highway 1, the Trans-Canada Highway, to Lake Louise, then turn north on Highway 93, the Icefield Parkway, to reach the mountain. The trailhead is found just west of Highway 93, 189 kilometers north of Banff. A small Snocoach Road leading to the trailhead is across the highway from the Columbia Icefield Centre, 103 kilometers south of Jasper, Alberta.

First acsents and climbing season in the Columbia Icefield

The headwall on Snow Dome. Jonathan Stanley

South slopes
August 20, 1898 by Norman Collie, Hugh Stutfield and Herman Woolley via the south slopes.

North-west buttress
1967 by Don Vockeroth and Charles Raymond. (VI, 5.7 A2)
1979 by John Lauchlan and Jim Elzinga. Slipstream route (VI, WI4)

Climbing seasons
For most people.
Two seasons two methods of travel.
March to Mid-July on Skis.
Mid-July to September on foot.

Has been climbed in winter with the aid of skis.
Notably in 1931 by Clifford White, Russell Bennett and Joe Weiss.

Mountain Conditions and Weather in the Columbia Icefield

  • Environment Canada Website>Environment Canada
    Complete weather reports, alerts, forecasts, satellite imaging, and more. An invaluable resource to anyone planning a trip to Mt. Athabasca or the Columbia Icefield area.

  • Parks Canada>
    Home page for Parks Canada, with links to all areas of Park Canada services and information
    Home page for Avalanche reports, warnings and alerts, links, news
  • The Canadian>
    The home page for The Canadian, with information on hiking, scrambling, trekking and backpacking in the Canadian Rockies

    Red tape, fees and legal stuff in Jasper National Park

    Reserve a campsite up to three months in advance.
    Contact Parks Canada for more information.

    If you wish to do some backcountry camping a permit for 8CDN$/night (maximum of 30CDN$) plus a 10CDN$ reservation fee will be required. Under 16 travel for free. All fees are to be paid in advance. Annual wilderness passes are 42CDN$, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

    Contact the Jasper Parks Visitor Centre for more information: (780) 852-6176 or check out the Jasper National Park Home Page for trail reports and avalanche reports.

    A National Park Pass is required if you will be stopping anywhere in Jasper National Park. 8CDN$ per person or 16CDN$ per vehicle.

    Open campfires are not allowed anywhere in Jasper National Park, except at approved campsites.

    Camping and backpacking in Jasper National Park

    Columbia Icefield Campground
    Columbia Icefield CampgroundLocated only 1 km north of the Icefield Centre.
    Available are two wood cook huts, each with a wood-fired stove and two picnic tables with benches.

    A pay telephone and bulletin board for messages is located at the campground entrance. Outhouses are clean. The Icefield Campground offers no showers.
    A water tap when working may provide drinkable water. A creek runs near the campground.

    Wilcox Campground
    2.7 km south of the Columbia Icefield Centre on Highway 93.
    Opens in mid-June until October.

    Cost $18 per night, self-registration is in effect.
    Bivouacking on Snow Dome itself will require a backcountry permit, available from Park Wardens at the Ranger Stations or the Icefield Centre for $6 a night.
    Information is available at The Canadian There is a backpacking information page available, look for Backpacking Jasper National Park.

    Hostelling International runs a chain of excellent, low-cost hostels, four open year-round, are located near the icefield. These hostels are clean, well-kept and managed by full-time custodians. Contact numbers too come.

    Most offer kitchens, gas and wood stoves.

    Located at Athabasca Falls, Beauty Creek, Hilda Creek and the town of Jasper. Reservations are recommended.

    Hilda Creek Hostel is open again via reservation through 1-866-762-4122. Six beds with a kitchen and common room, smaller than its past grandeur of 24 beds - but still the quickest access to the Icefields routes, or a great place for a day's ski touring followed by a pint of whiskey with friends.

    Guiding services and the Alpine Club of Canada

    There are a number of number of licensed guide services throughout the area.

    Joining or contacting the Alpine Club of Canada can be useful.

    The Alpine Club's Edmonton Section
    The Alpine Club’s Calgary Section
    The Canadian Avalanche Association is an excellent source of current avalanche information.

    The Association of Canadian Mountain Guides can provide you with information regarding guide services.
    They include services from groups such as Yamnuska Mountaineering, Inc.

    James Blench of JB Alpine Services
    Excellent guide recommended for here, Mount Logan, Mt. Robson as well as other peaks in the region.
    Telephone: (403) 678-2576

    Columbia Icefield Centre and Sno coach tours

  • Columbia Icefield Visitors' Centre> - Columbia Icefield Visitors' Centre Home Page
    Comprehensive listings, features, services and tourist information

    Snocoach glacier tours onto the Athabasca Glacier can be arranged at the Icefield Centre. These are privately led hikes supervised by local licensed guides.

    Glacier ski tours by veteran climber and ACC member Marcus Kellerhals for trips on the Athabasca Glacier.

    Satellite Map

    Emergency contact information

    Emergency phone numbers for Jasper National Park

    Royal Canadian Mountain Police
    (780) 852-4848.
    P.O. Box 1800 600 Pyramid Lake Road, Jasper, AB.

    Jasper Hospital
    (780) 852-3344
    518 Robson St. Jasper, AB.

    Fire & Ambulance
    (780) 852-3100
    Jasper Firehall, Patricia St. Jasper, AB.

    Park Warden Office
    (780) 852-6155 / 56
    Maligne Rd. Jasper, AB. (km 2)

    Sunwapta Park Warden Station
    (780 )852-6181
    Mile 45, Highway 93 (Icefield Parkway)

    Pobotkan Creek Warden Station
    (780) 852-5383
    Highway 93 (Icefield Parkway)

    Search and Rescue
    (780) 852-3100
    Jasper, AB

    Emergency calls:
    Jasper Park Warden (780) 852-3100
    or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) at (780) 852-4848.

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    • ACC Accident History>
      ACC Mountaineering accident history in the Canadian Rockies.
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      Weather Underground report and 5 day forecast and much more, for the Jasper area.

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