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Location Lat/Lon: 14.65202°N / 91.31218°W
Additional Information Elevation: 9285 ft / 2830 m
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Cerro Pakisis is a mountains with many peaks. From Panajachel is posible to see 3 volcanoes Toliman, Atitlan and San Pedro, just behind San Pedro Mountain Pakisis is surrounds it. Left hand to El Cristalino.

Trail is all over the edge from the top. Is necesary up and down as 11 false summits before to reach the highest one. Coffee and corn plantations covers a half of the mountain. And other half is totally cover with vegetation and weeds.
Pakisis - Guatemalaview from Atitlan volcano

Getting There

From Guatemala City take a bus or by car to Panajachel, Atitlan Lake (3-4 hours) $4 aprox. From Panajachel take a boat to San Juan La Laguna cost depend if you looks as latinamerican is $1.80, but if you are blond or looks like a foreigner turist, fee is $2.70. Asking the cost before take the boat.

From San Juan La Laguna searching coffe's properties to El Caracol. Is an ascend with many curves and high inclination, finished this ascends go to the left hand path. Is recomended asking about correct trail to people at any time.
San Pedro from Pakisis volcanoesView from the top

Red Tape

No fees at all, just take care with the many trails in the area, many of them goes to nowhere, almost trails are for farmers from their plantations. Recommened is to ask for permission to locals, many trails are in private areas.

Pakisis - Guatemala


Is possible in a very small area on the trail. Mostly of time is hard to see it, looks like a little bit more wide that the normal trail.

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