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Location Lat/Lon: 47.38920°N / 120.8723°W
Activities Activities: Hiking, Trad Climbing, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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The Teanaway area (pronounced tea-ANN-away) is a great place for hikers and scramblers, and Ingalls Peak has some popular trad routes. Located only 90 minutes from Seattle, its climate is considerably drier because it's east of the Cascade crest. Much of the terrain is relatively open, and invites off-trail travel and exploration. None of the Teanaway summits are high enough to crack the Washington highest 100 list , but all of the peaks and much of the ridge travel gives you a front and center view of the mighty Stuart Range, which includes nine of the highest 100 (Witches Tower isn't in the official lists.)

West Pano from Bean PeakJudi Peak, Mary Peak, Iron Peak, Teanaway (Genes) Peak, Bills Peak, Ingalls Peak, Mount Stuart, Sherpa Peak, and Argonaut Peak

West - Northeast Pano from Bean PeakThe Stuart Range with some Teanaway Summits in the Foreground

Teanaway Area Topo MapTeanaway Area Topo Map with Summit Waypoints

The Teanaway area is roughly bounded by Ingalls Creek on the north, Teanaway Ridge and Blewett Pass on the east, the Cle Elem Ridge on the south, and the Cle Elem Lake and River on the west. I'm no expert on what officially constitutes this area, and included Sasse Ridge. Sasse is the ridge west of the West Fork Teanaway River.

The Mountaineers' "Teanaway Peak Pin" includes Thorp Mtn, which is on "No Name Ridge," just east of Lake Kachess and seven miles west of Sasse Mtn. I didn't include Thorp on this page. I also didn't include Mt Baldy because it's west of Cle Elem Lake.

Back Court 100 List

I've compiled a list of the Back Court 100 summits in the Teanaway area. There are links to the summitpost pages, and I will add links as new pages are created. I noticed that the search engine has reports for most of these climbing objectives. Here's another link to the Back Court 100 list.

Note: The Back Court only includes summits with 400' of clean prominence.

Peak Name (elevation, WAYPOINT)

#18 Ingalls Peak (7662, INGALS)
#26 Three Brothers (7303, 3BROTH)
#28 Navaho Peak (7223, NAVAHO)
#30 Hawkins (7160+, HAWKIN)
#34 Earl Peak (7036, EARL)
#40 Bills Peak (6917, BILL)
#47 Genes Peak (Teanaway Peak, 6779, TEANWY)
#49 High Esmeralda (6765+, ESMRLD)
#53 Bean Peak (6743, BEAN)
#60 Jolly Mtn (6443, JOLLY)
#61 Freedom Pk (Little Navaho, 6442, FREEDM)
#62 Miller Peak (6402, MILLER)
#63 The Louvre (Mt. Skookum) (6394, LOUVRE)
#73 Koppen Mtn (6031, KOPPEN)
#76 Humerus Hill (5920+, HUMERH)
#80 Sasse Mtn (5730, SASSE)
#85 Malcolm Mtn (5480+, MALCOM)
#81 Elbow (5720+, ELBOW)
#88 Goldwater Pk or Johnson Mtn (5220, GOLDWA)
#90 Hex Mtn (5034, HEX)
#92 Old Pass Hill (4885, OLDPAS)
#93 Bearjack Ridge-E Peak (4800+, BEARJK)
#94 Roughhouse Mtn (4760+, ROUGH)
#94 Teanaway Butte (4760+, TEABUT)
#98 Serpentine Hill (4658, SURPEN)
#100 Bearjack Ridge-W Peak (4600+, BEARJK)

Other Teanaway Climbing Objectives (alphabetical order)

All of these summits are high enough to be in the Backcourt 100 list, but don't have the necessary 400' of clean prominence.

DeRoux Peak (6260, DEROUX)
Devils Head (6666, DEVHED)
Fortune Peak (7382, FORTUN)
Iron Peak (6510, IRON)
Judi Peak (6560+), JUDY)
Mary Peak (6680+, MARY)
Volcanic Neck (6600, VOLNEC)

Discussion of Unofficial Summit Names

from John Roper

"Here is my understanding of the toponymy in this area:

Bills Peak (6917). Popular Mountaineer scramble. Named for Bill Prater,
who along with his brother Gene was the Sherpa snowshoe inventor and
explorer extraordinaire of the Stuart region. 6980+ was the elevation of
this peak on the 15-minute USGS Mount Stuart. The map in "75 Scrambles in
Washington" is in error. Peggy Goldman is aware of this (post publication).
My photo of Bills Peak in her book is correctly identified.

Genes Peak (6779). After Gene Prater. See Bills Peak. Even though these
names are possessive, with an "s," there are no apostrophes on USGS maps.
This is sometimes called Teanaway Peak, but this is redundant nomenclature
with a Teanaway Butte and Teanaway Ridge already appearing on the maps of
the area. As a safety issue, and as an appropriate honor, the Prater
brothers should stand side-by-side through eternity.

Judi Peak (6560+) and Mary Peak (6680+). Names bestowed by Mountaineers of
the 1970s or '80s for Judi Maxwell and Mary Sutliff who frequently led snow
and ice ax arrest practices in the Bean basin.


Seattle Mountaineers' Peak Pin List

Seattle Mountaineers Teanaway Peak Pin
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Mt. Baldy (5107, BALDY)
Hawkins Mt. (7160, HAWKIN)
Bean Peak (6743, BEAN)
Jolly Mt. (6443, JOLLY)
Bill’s Peak (6980, BILL)
Miller Peak (6400, MILLER)
Earl Peak (7036, EARL)
Thorp Mt. (5854, THORP) (#44 on the Front Court 100)
Esmerelda Peak (6763, ESMRLD)
Three Brothers (7303, 3BROTH)