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Turó de l'Home
Created On: Nov 19, 2011
Last Edited On: Nov 19, 2011


Puig Sesolles and Turó de l HomeP.Sesolles and T. Home
Les AgudesLes Agudes

Turó de L'Home (1,706m) is the highest peak of Montseny, an important range of Catalan Pre-coastal Range. A big part of the range is into the Natural Park of Montseny, designated biosphere reserve by UNESCO (the only one in Catalonya).

The main summit of the range is Turó de L'Home (1,706m) but in the summit is a meteorologist observatory and in the pre-summit Puig Sesolles (1,667m) is located a big antenna with a road and for this reason is always advisable for mountaineers the climb of nearby Les Agudes (1,705m), a nice and still wild peak at N.E. of L'Home. It can be say that Les Agudes is the nice summit of the range but isn't the highest, it's only the second one and for this reason I think that you must climb both peaks because Turó de l'Home is one of the most important peak of Iberian Peninsula and you will need 30 minutes more to reach the summit of Les Agudes.

-The normal and nicer route is from Font de Passavets near of Santa Fe de Montseny in the road to Viladrau.
-The shorter is to take the road of the antenna of Puig Sessolles from the same road to Viladrau, a few of km before the parking of Font de Passavets. You must park in the barrier 1km before of the summit (It was in 2009 but it can change in the future). This route is only for tourist.

Another peaks interesting in Montseny: Matagalls (1,697m), Puig Drau (1,344m).

Getting There

The natural park of Montseny is at N. of Barcelona.

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Red Tape

Map of Natural ParkNatural Park
Path with snowSnow in the path

The peak is into the Natural Park of Montseny with rules about camping, wildlife and driving.
The summit is very humanized and very visited and generally you can find a lot of cars in the parking of the road of tourists.

Very important: some day in winter (December to March) the mountain can be covered by the snow and the cold days the normal route will be very hard with ice and even it can be necessary the use of crampons in the North face of Puig Serolles.


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