Waterfalls of the Southern Appalachians

Waterfalls of the Southern Appalachians

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A Region of Water...

I love waterfalls. I love mountains. For me there is no place better than the Southern Appalachians. The high peaks and ridges of this region recieve some of the highest annual rainfall totals in the continental U.S. Areas in the southern mountains of North Carolina recieve upwards of 100-inches per year! All this water has to go somewhere. In numerous creeks and streams it cascades its way down the mountainsides. In the Southern Appalachains you are seldom more than a dozen miles from a waterfall of some sort.

One of my growing hobbies is waterfall photography. I am always torn between using a day off to climb a mountian or visiting a waterfall. I enjoy waterfalls because of their simple beauty and their solitude. Many require surprisingly difficult hikes to reach which means you can often have them all to yourself. The number of waterfalls in this region is staggering. There are something like 87 named waterfalls in Transylvania County, NC alone!! I've barely scratched the surface when it comes ot exploring the regions' waterfalls and I love it!

I created this album to share the beauty I've found exploring the waters of the Southern Appalachians. I hope you enjoy them and I would welcome any pictures you may have from this area. I'm always looking for new falls to visit! Enjoy!!

Get A Guide...

Many of the waterfalls in the Southern Appalachains are quite diffucult to find. Just getting to the trailhead down narrow, winding dirt roads can be an adventure in intself. From there its often a steep climb or descent to a rocky gorge where you may find you have a tough bushwhack along the creekside to get a decent view. For me this just adds to the enjoyment when I get there. Needless to say you will need a good guidebook, an accurate map, and a compass for good measure.

I rely primarily on these three guidebooks:

North Carolina Waterfalls, by Ken Adams

Waterfalls of Virginia and West Virginia, by Ken Adams

Tennessee Waterfalls, by Gregory Plumb

Along with these you are going to need some good maps. The DeLorme Atlas' for North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, & West Virginia will help you find your way down those mountain backroads and I've found the Trails Illustrated maps by National Geographic quite reliable once on the trail.

Along with the guidebooks he has written above Ken Adams has a great supplemental website you can visit HERE that gives great info on road and trail closings as well as new waterfalls that are not listed in his books.

Also, you won't want to miss NCWaterfalls.com. It is probably the most extensive website on waterfalls I've found. Despite its name he has good info and pics of waterfalls all over the Southern Appalachians. He also gives some great tips on how to shoot waterfalls that I have found very helpful.

That should get ya going!

Rainy Days are a Good Thing...

Another thing I like about waterfalls is that they give me a good excuse to get out in the woods even on a dreary day. In fact, the drearier the better. The slow shutter speeds required for that silky look in many waterfall shots require an absence of bright, glaring light. You have no idea how frustrated I get after hiking 2 miles down a ravine, get set up, and have the sun break through the clouds. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

So, if you're wanting to go out and shoot that perfect waterfall pic, pray for rain (or at least a good, thick cloud cover:)!


Waterfalls collected thus far, alphabetically, in Georgia...

Amicalola Falls

Dawson County

34.5701 N
84.24884 W

Anna Ruby Falls

White County

34.76545 N
83.71394 W

Crow Creek Falls

Rabun County
34.7768 N
83.52428 W

Denton Branch Falls

Towns County

34.9857 N
83.55 W
Frozen Waterfall on Bluff Mountain

DeSoto Falls

Lumpkin County

34.706167 N
83.915833 W
Bluff Mtn waterfall

Helton Creek Falls

Union County

34.7533 N
83.895 W

High Shoals Falls

Lumpkin County

34.6485 N
84.0222 W

Long Creek Falls

Fannin County

34.6698 N
84.1889 W
Courthouse Falls NC

Minnehaha Falls

Rabun County

34.7475 N
83.480667 W
Courthouse Falls

North Carolina

Waterfalls collected thus far, alphabetically, in North Carolina...

Anthony Creek Tributary Falls

Caldwell County

36.07250 N
81.7432 W

Bluff Mountain Falls

Ashe County

36.391 N
81.572 W

Boone Fork Cascades

Caldwell County

36.12047 N
81.78671 W

Bubbling Spring Branch Falls

Haywood County

35.31096 N
82.90733 W
Cullasuja Falls

Bucks Timber Creek Falls

Avery County

36.08441 N
81.78635 W

Cascades The

Wilkes County

36.249341 N
81.454337 W

Courthouse Falls

Wilkes County

35.27511 N
82.89329 W
Dry Falls

Craborchard Falls

Watauga County

36.20337 N
81.79423 W
Dry Falls

Crabtree Falls

Yancey County

35.85802 N
82.13631 W

Cullasaja Falls

Macon County

35.116397 N
83.269527 W

Douglas Falls

Buncombe County

35.72667 N
82.38028 W
Greybeard Creek

Duggers Creek Falls

Burke County

36.119 N
81.494 W

Dry Falls

Macon County

35.068091 N
83.239067 W
This is High Shoals...

Elk Falls

Avery County

36.19849 N
81.96769 W

Flat Laurel Creek

Haywood County

35.32551 N
82.89886 W
Hooker Falls

Glen Burney Falls

Caldwell County

36.12473 N
81.68231 W
Hooker Falls

Glen Marie Falls

Caldwell County

36.12473 N
81.68231 W

Greybeard Creek Cascades

Buncombe County

35.64705 N
82.29879 W

Hebron Colony Falls

Watauga County

36.16408 N
81.73378 W

High Falls

Transylvania County

35.19272 N
82.61367 W
Brink of Linville Falls

High Shoals Falls

Burke County

35.594419 N
81.635552 W

Hunt-Fish Falls

Avery County

36.01938 N
81.80346 W

Hooker Falls

Transylvania County

35.20211 N
82.623752 W

Indian Creek Falls

Swain County

35.47266 N
83.42783 W
Mingo Falls

Jacob Fork Cascades

Burke County

35.59500 N
81.60048 W

Laurel Creek Falls

Watauga County

36.25235 N
81.85261 W

Linville Falls

Burke County

35.94957 N
81.92678 W

Little Wilson Creek

Avery County

36.08334 N
81.79148 W

Log Hollow Branch Falls

Transylvania County

35.32233 N
82.80342 W

Log Hollow Branch
North Tributary

Transylvania County

35.32233 N
82.80342 W

Log Hollow Branch
South Tributary

Transylvania County

35.32233 N
82.80342 W
Silver Run Falls

Mingo Falls

Swain County

35.531944 N
83.274722 W

Pond Creek Falls

Avery County

36.20630 N
81.8753 W
Tom Branch Falls

Roaring Fork Falls

Yancey County

35.76020 N
82.1918 W

Rufus Morgan Falls

Macon County

35.14690 N
83.5648 W

Second Falls

Haywood County

35.321667 N
82.845278 W
Unnamed Falls (Wilson Creek)

Setrock Creek Falls

Yancey County

Unnamed Falls (Wilson Creek)

Silver Run Falls

Macon County

35.06604 N
83.06694 W

Silvervale Falls

Caldwell County

36.048333 N
81.595000 W

Tom Branch Falls

Swain County

35.467 N
83.431 W

Tom's Creek Falls

McDowell County

35.77760 N
82.0623 W

Triple Falls

Transylvania County

35.19900 N
82.6713 W
Raven Cliff Falls

Unnamed Falls
(Dixon Creek)

Caldwell County

36.10971 N
81.77995 W
King Creek Falls

Unnamed Falls
(Wilson Creek)

Avery County

36.09871 N
81.8065 W
Abrams Falls
Backbone Creek, TN
Coon Den Branch, TN

Upper Creek Falls

Burke County

35.96140 N
81.8626 W
Dennis Cove Falls, TN
Firescald Branch, TN
Grotto Falls

Waterfall Park

Avery County

36.06900 N
81.9232 W
Huskey Branch Falls
Jakes Creek Trail

South Carolina

Waterfalls collected thus far, alphabetically, in South Carolina...

Raven Cliff Falls

Greenville County

35.10897 N
82.66340 W
Laurel Falls (TN)

King Creek Falls

Oconee County

34.96862 N
83.10963 W
Rainbow Falls in Snow


Waterfalls collected thus far, alphabetically, in Tennessee...

Abrams Falls

Blount County

35.60833 N
83.87972 W
Twisting Falls, TN

Backbone Creek Falls

Johnson County

36.5922 N
81.8155 W
Lower Cabin Creek, VA

Coon Den Branch

Carter County

36.25333 N
82.11888 W
Cabin Creek Falls (Lower)

Dennis Cove Falls

Carter County

36.24969 N
82.0991 W
Upper Cabin Creek, VA

Firescald Branch Falls

Carter County

36.2496 N
82.0872 W
Cabin Creek Cascade

Grotto Falls

Sevier County

35.6739 N
83.4496 W
Cedar Run

Huskey Branch Falls

Sevier County

35.63868 N
83.55157 W
Dark Hollow Falls

Jakes Creek Falls

Sevier County

35.6358 N
83.5866 W
Dark Hollow Falls

Laurel Falls

Sevier County

35.6775 N
83.59302 W
Dark Hollow Falls

Rainbow Falls

Sevier County

35.66194 N
83.46306 W
Upper Doyles River Falls

Twisting Falls

Carter County

36.2309 N
81.97517 W
Lower Doyles River Falls


Waterfalls collected thus far, alphabetically, in Virginia...

Cabin Creek Falls

Grayson County

36.63230 N
81.5187 W
Jones Run Falls

Lewis Springs Falls
Lower Waterfall - Stoney Creek

Middle Waterfall - Stoney Creek

Cedar Run Falls

Shenandoah National Park

Upper Waterfall - Stoney Creek

Dark Hollow Falls

Shenandoah National Park

38.51889 N
78.42361 W
Falls of Naked Creek
Negro Run
South River Falls

Doyles River Falls

Shenandoah National Park

Whiteoak Falls #6
Whiteoak Falls #5

Jones Run Falls

Shenandoah National Park

38.229146 N
78.705840 W
Whiteoak Falls #1

Lewis Springs Falls

Shenandoah National Park

38.520278 N
78.449722 W
Whiteoak Falls #4

Little Stony Creek Falls

Blount County

36.87480 N
82.46250 W
Whiteoak Falls #2
Wilson Creek, VA
Blackwater Falls

Naked Creek, Falls of

Shenandoah National Park

38.512864 N
78.467748 W
Blackwater Falls, WV

Negro Run Falls

Shenandoah National Park

Elakala Falls

South River

Shenandoah National Park


Whiteoak Falls

Shenandoah National Park

38.564 N
78.3637 W

Wilson Creek Falls

Grayson County

36.646 N
81.4898 W

West Virginia

Waterfalls collected thus far, alphabetically, in West Virginia...
Blackwater Falls

Tucker County

39.108889 N
79.496111 W
[img:301012:aligncenter:small:] [img:258858:aligncenter:small:]

Elakala Falls

Tucker County

39.10889 N
79.49611 W


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Bob Sihler

Bob Sihler - Nov 1, 2006 10:29 pm - Voted 10/10


This album is a great idea. I share your sentiments about the region, especially the falls in Shenandoah National Park. I added several shots myself, and I also attached your album to my new Blue Ridge Mountains page. If you want it detached, just let me know.



dwhike - Nov 1, 2006 10:42 pm - Hasn't voted


I appreciate the nice comments. Thank you also for all the great shots you contributed. I havn't been up to the Shenandoah in search of falls yet but you've certainly whetted my appetite!



dwhike - Nov 3, 2006 4:59 pm - Hasn't voted

Thank you...

so much for the comment. I'm glad you enjoy it.


SteveinFXBG - Nov 3, 2006 10:53 pm - Hasn't voted


I'm glad to see this album get created. Some great images and looking forward to seeing more. I'd post some that I have but I don't want to lower the standards of this nice album!


dwhike - Nov 3, 2006 11:22 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Nice

I appreciate the comments. I went ahead and attached your image of Elakala Falls, its a beautiful shot. I havn't been to any falls in WV yet. Don't worry about quality, if you have some go ahead and post them!



e-doc - Nov 7, 2006 9:57 pm - Hasn't voted


Good page. What it be better placed elsewhere? People will not enjoy unless they go to Smokies page. But I'm not sure where to put it.


dwhike - Nov 8, 2006 2:44 am - Hasn't voted

Re: location

I had the same thoughts, I've attached it to a couple range pages but aside from attaching to every single mountain page (which I won't do)I don't know. Some of the falls are in the vicinity of some more popular mountains (i.e Mt. Rogers) so maybe I'll just attch it to a select few with owners permission. If you (or anyone else) has more thoughts on this I'd be very open to ideas.


WoundedKnee - Dec 4, 2006 11:48 am - Voted 10/10

Excellent idea

I have some pics of waterfalls near the South Mountains State Park that I'll post. Another great spot for falls.


dwhike - Dec 6, 2006 4:13 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Excellent idea

Thanks, I visited South Mountains myself a month or so ago and was amazed to find such large falls in an area so far from the higher mountains of NC. I'd love to see some of the pics you have, the darn sun came out the day I drove there so I wasn't real happy with many of my shots.


MarkDidier - Aug 9, 2008 10:29 am - Voted 10/10

Excellent Page!

Excellent page on the waterfalls of this area. Most everyone I know loves waterfalls. This page gives me some great research for organizing a trip that my wife would actually enjoy! I wish I had more than one picture to post, but most of my good waterfall pictures are prints - not digital - and I haven't scanned them to digital yet. FYI, I did post some LeConte/Boulevard pictures to your Mt. LeConte page. Great work!


dwhike - Aug 10, 2008 9:05 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Excellent Page!

Thanks for stopping by! Glad you find it useful. Your shot of the cascade on Jakes Creek is a nice addition, I love those pics of unnamed trailside falls. Cheers, Dan

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