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California's Highest 100 Peaks
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California's Highest 100 Peaks

California\'s Highest 100 Peaks

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Location: California, United States, North America

Object Title: California's Highest 100 Peaks


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Ranked peaks have at least 300 feet of interpolated prominence.

Peak Name
Peak Coordinates
Whitney, Mount114,497'4,415' 10,082' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney1649.81 36.5785°N, 118.2924°W
Williamson, Mount214,375'12,696' 1,679' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson5.75 36.6561°N, 118.3112°W
White Mountain Peak314,246'7,050' 7,196' White MountainWhite Mountain Peak67.72 37.6341°N, 118.2557°W
North Palisade414,242'11,347' 2,895' Sierra NevadaNorth Palisade32.32 37.0941°N, 118.5144°W
"Starlight Peak" 14,220'14,100' 120' Sierra NevadaNorth Palisade0.07 37.0949°N, 118.5151°W
Shasta, Mount514,162'4,330' 9,832' CascadeMount Shasta335.11 41.4090°N, 122.1949°W
Sill, Mount614,153'13,740' 413' Sierra NevadaNorth Palisade0.62 37.0962°N, 118.5035°W
Polemonium Peak 14,100'13,900' 200' Sierra NevadaNorth Palisade0.16 37.0930°N, 118.5118°W
Russell, Mount714,088'12,959' 1,129' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney1.08 36.5902°N, 118.2910°W
Split Mountain814,058'12,631' 1,427' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain6.86 37.0210°N, 118.4226°W
Langley, Mount914,026'12,828' 1,198' Sierra NevadaMount Langley4.57 36.5235°N, 118.2386°W
Tyndall, Mount1014,018'12,893' 1,125' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson1.45 36.6554°N, 118.3373°W
Middle Palisade1114,012'12,893' 1,119' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain4.27 37.0702°N, 118.4693°W
Muir, Mount1214,012'13,681' 331' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney0.67 36.5649°N, 118.2914°W
Thunderbolt Peak 14,003'13,780' 223' Sierra NevadaNorth Palisade0.29 37.0975°N, 118.5175°W
Barnard, Mount1313,990'13,024' 966' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson1.93 36.6283°N, 118.3214°W
Humphreys, Mount1413,986'11,423' 2,563' Sierra NevadaMount Tom15.38 37.2706°N, 118.6728°W
Keith, Mount1513,975'12,041' 1,934' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson3.12 36.7001°N, 118.3434°W
Stanford A, Mount1613,973'12,959' 1,014' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer1.23 36.7039°N, 118.3956°W
"Barrett Peak"1713,962'13,660' 302' Sierra NevadaNorth Palisade0.44 37.0904°N, 118.5069°W
Trojan Peak1813,947'13,221' 726' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson0.96 36.6421°N, 118.3151°W
Gregorys Monument 13,943'13,182' 131' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer0.13 36.7019°N, 118.3958°W
LeConte, Mount1913,930'12,894' 1,036' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney2.01 36.5415°N, 118.2519°W
"Mount Randy Morgenson"2013,927'13,615' 312' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney0.19 36.5915°N, 118.2996°W
Disappointment Peak 13,917'13,746' 171' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain0.20 37.0679°N, 118.4674°W
Agassiz, Mount2113,892'13,060' 832' Sierra NevadaNorth Palisade1.34 37.1119°N, 118.5306°W
Junction Peak2213,877'13,090' 787' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson1.54 36.6910°N, 118.3661°W
Norman Clyde Peak2313,855'13,549' 306' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain0.27 37.0741°N, 118.4734°W
Mallory, Mount2413,845'13,419' 426' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney0.72 36.5490°N, 118.2621°W
Caltech Peak2513,832'13,287' 545' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer1.08 36.6888°N, 118.3905°W
Darwin, Mount2613,831'11,940' 1,891' Sierra NevadaMount Darwin3.87 37.1670°N, 118.6722°W
"Balcony Peak" 13,812'13,746' 66' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain0.27 37.0673°N, 118.4662°W
Kaweah, Mount2713,802'11,775' 2,027' Sierra NevadaMount Kaweah13.14 36.5260°N, 118.4785°W
McAdie, Mount2813,799'13,287' 512' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney1.01 36.5517°N, 118.2761°W
Irvine, Mount 13,793'13,549' 244' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney0.48 36.5558°N, 118.2634°W
Winchell, Mount2913,775'13,100' 675' Sierra NevadaNorth Palisade0.51 37.1046°N, 118.5261°W
Discovery Pinnacle 13,753'13,550' 203' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney0.46 36.5583°N, 118.2903°W
Morgan A, Mount3013,748'11,100' 2,648' Sierra NevadaMount Morgan10.26 37.4052°N, 118.7328°W
137463113,746'13,221' 525' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson0.34 36.6260°N, 118.3107°W
Corcoran, MountS13,746'13,484' 262' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney0.21 36.5385°N, 118.2502°W
Gabb, Mount3213,741'11,140' 2,601' Sierra NevadaMount Abbot4.33 37.3766°N, 118.8029°W
Bear Creek Spire3313,740'12,260' 1,480' Sierra NevadaMount Hilgard0.89 37.3679°N, 118.7673°W
Red Kaweah3413,740'13,353' 387' Sierra NevadaTriple Divide Peak1.12 36.5399°N, 118.5053°W
137203513,720'13,419' 301' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer0.83 36.6973°N, 118.3786°W
Mendel, Mount3613,710'13,140' 570' Sierra NevadaMount Darwin0.68 37.1747°N, 118.6820°W
Abbot, Mount3713,704'12,860' 844' Sierra NevadaMount Abbot1.40 37.3863°N, 118.7847°W
Black Kaweah3813,700'13,140' 560' Sierra NevadaTriple Divide Peak0.50 36.5455°N, 118.5157°W
"Michaels Pinnacle" 13,700'13,500' 200' Sierra NevadaTriple Divide Peak0.11 36.5387°N, 118.5045°W
13681S13,681'13,419' 262' Sierra NevadaMount Langley0.47 36.5351°N, 118.2488°W
"Sharktooth"S13,681'13,419' 262' Sierra NevadaMount Langley0.30 36.5374°N, 118.2492°W
"Pyramidal Pinnacle" 13,665'13,460' 205' Sierra NevadaTriple Divide Peak0.38 36.5454°N, 118.5076°W
Midway Mountain3913,664'12,303' 1,361' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer3.84 36.6433°N, 118.4835°W
"Second Kaweah"4013,661'13,090' 571' Sierra NevadaMount Kaweah0.62 36.5331°N, 118.4930°W
Tom, Mount4113,652'11,660' 1,992' Sierra NevadaMount Tom4.76 37.3385°N, 118.6569°W
Milestone Mountain4213,638'12,894' 744' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer0.62 36.6344°N, 118.4844°W
Table Mountain4313,632'13,090' 542' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer1.17 36.6602°N, 118.4736°W
"Williams, Mount"S13,622'13,353' 269' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain0.21 37.0750°N, 118.4788°W
Dade, Mount 13,620'13,380' 240' Sierra NevadaMount Abbot0.36 37.3820°N, 118.7793°W
Ericsson, Mount4413,616'12,631' 985' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer0.83 36.6971°N, 118.4143°W
136154513,615'13,220' 395' White MountainWhite Mountain Peak1.61 37.6571°N, 118.2679°W
Birch Mountain4613,602'12,500' 1,102' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain1.09 37.0625°N, 118.4189°W
University Peak4713,589'12,369' 1,220' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson3.32 36.7480°N, 118.3618°W
135774813,577'12,696' 881' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain0.52 37.0605°N, 118.4362°W
Brewer, Mount4913,570'12,434' 1,136' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer3.36 36.7085°N, 118.4850°W
Goddard, Mount5013,568'11,980' 1,588' Sierra NevadaMount Goddard4.39 37.1035°N, 118.7193°W
Tunnabora Peak5113,563'12,959' 604' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney1.29 36.6051°N, 118.2822°W
Dubois, Mount5213,559'11,220' 2,339' White MountainBoundary Peak8.74 37.7832°N, 118.3433°W
Palisade Crest5313,553'12,959' 594' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain1.03 37.0814°N, 118.4896°W
Thunder Mountain5413,550'12,959' 591' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer0.61 36.6690°N, 118.4757°W
"Squaretop"5513,550'13,221' 329' Sierra NevadaMount Kaweah0.38 36.5357°N, 118.4981°W
135495613,549'13,090' 459' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson0.59 36.6506°N, 118.3504°W
Carillon, MountS13,549'13,287' 262' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney0.57 36.5922°N, 118.2777°W
Marsh, MountS13,549'13,287' 262' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney0.23 36.5547°N, 118.2782°W
"Milestone Mesa"5713,546'12,959' 587' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer0.34 36.6303°N, 118.4748°W
Cloudripper5813,525'12,660' 865' Sierra NevadaMount Thompson2.12 37.1425°N, 118.5303°W
Gayley, Mount5913,510'13,060' 450' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain0.48 37.1029°N, 118.4996°W
Fiske, Mount6013,503'12,700' 803' Sierra NevadaMount Darwin2.14 37.1366°N, 118.6676°W
Pinchot, Mount6113,494'11,384' 2,110' Sierra NevadaMount Pinchot5.12 36.9474°N, 118.4051°W
Thompson, Mount6213,494'12,420' 1,074' Sierra NevadaMount Thompson1.42 37.1427°N, 118.6134°W
Hale, Mount6313,494'12,828' 666' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney0.39 36.5879°N, 118.3143°W
Bolton Brown, Mount6413,491'12,893' 598' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain0.99 37.0462°N, 118.4407°W
Versteeg, Mount6513,484'13,156' 328' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson0.54 36.6476°N, 118.3255°W
Pickering, Mount6613,474'12,566' 908' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney1.72 36.5271°N, 118.2906°W
Prater, Mount 13,471'13,353' 118' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain0.68 37.0368°N, 118.4344°W
134646713,464'12,620' 844' Sierra NevadaMount Darwin1.76 37.1967°N, 118.6735°W
"Twelve Flags Peak"S13,460'13,180' 280' Sierra NevadaMount Morgan0.42 37.4105°N, 118.7232°W
Mills, Mount6813,451'12,980' 471' Sierra NevadaMount Abbot0.56 37.3942°N, 118.7900°W
Montgomery Peak6913,441'12,180' 1,261' White MountainBoundary Peak3.86 37.8383°N, 118.3568°W
Newcomb, Mount7013,422'12,828' 594' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney0.91 36.5400°N, 118.2931°W
"Bilko Pinnacle" 13,419'13,287' 132' Sierra NevadaMount Kaweah0.14 36.5345°N, 118.4972°W
Haeckel, Mount7113,418'12,900' 518' Sierra NevadaMount Darwin1.17 37.1508°N, 118.6608°W
13418S13,418'13,156' 262' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson0.23 36.6933°N, 118.3704°W
Lamarck, Mount 13,417'13,300' 117' Sierra NevadaMount Darwin0.15 37.1949°N, 118.6704°W
134047213,404'13,100' 304' Sierra NevadaMount Darwin0.56 37.2035°N, 118.6802°W
Cardinal Mountain7313,396'12,828' 568' Sierra NevadaMount Pinchot1.49 36.9995°N, 118.4125°W
Jepson, Mount7413,390'13,024' 366' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain0.61 37.0888°N, 118.4951°W
"Cleaver, The"7513,383'12,959' 424' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney0.63 36.5975°N, 118.2745°W
Kaweah Queen7613,382'12,860' 522' Sierra NevadaTriple Divide Peak0.80 36.5547°N, 118.5083°W
"Point Powell"7713,380'13,020' 360' Sierra NevadaMount Darwin0.45 37.1405°N, 118.6256°W
133807813,380'13,020' 360' Sierra NevadaMount Darwin0.41 37.1802°N, 118.6868°W
Wallace, Mount7913,377'13,020' 357' Sierra NevadaMount Darwin0.32 37.1467°N, 118.6567°W
"Vagabond Peak"8013,374'13,020' 354' Sierra NevadaMount Thompson0.50 37.1496°N, 118.5302°W
Powell, Mount8113,364'13,020' 344' Sierra NevadaMount Darwin0.33 37.1385°N, 118.6337°W
Hilgard, Mount8213,361'12,500' 861' Sierra NevadaMount Hilgard1.33 37.3605°N, 118.8267°W
Thumb, The8313,356'12,762' 594' Sierra NevadaSplit Mountain0.81 37.0715°N, 118.4458°W
Jordan, Mount8413,353'12,697' 656' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer1.15 36.6822°N, 118.4497°W
13353 A8513,353'13,024' 329' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson0.73 36.7083°N, 118.3345°W
13353 BS13,353'13,090' 263' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson0.62 36.6947°N, 118.3636°W
Black Giant8613,330'12,220' 1,110' Sierra NevadaMount Goddard2.45 37.1022°N, 118.6484°W
North Guard8713,327'12,762' 565' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer0.56 36.7166°N, 118.4898°W
Joe Devel Peak8813,327'12,894' 433' Sierra NevadaMount Whitney0.94 36.5153°N, 118.2965°W
Royce Peak8913,300'12,380' 920' Sierra NevadaMount Hilgard3.51 37.3181°N, 118.7708°W
Picture Puzzle9013,300'12,660' 640' Sierra NevadaMount Thompson1.04 37.1278°N, 118.5387°W
"Ski Mountaineers Peak" 13,300'13,060' 240' Sierra NevadaMount Thompson0.37 37.1477°N, 118.6102°W
Black Mountain9113,290'11,712' 1,578' Sierra NevadaMount Clarence King4.28 36.8090°N, 118.3780°W
132849213,284'12,369' 915' Sierra NevadaMount Kaweah0.60 36.5330°N, 118.4555°W
McDuffie, Mount9313,282'12,580' 702' Sierra NevadaMount Goddard2.03 37.0735°N, 118.6436°W
Deerhorn Mountain9413,281'12,631' 650' Sierra NevadaMount Brewer0.79 36.7131°N, 118.4102°W
"Pip-Squeak Spire" 13,268'13,060' 208' Sierra NevadaMount Abbot0.51 37.3752°N, 118.7734°W
Aperture Peak9513,265'12,940' 325' Sierra NevadaNorth Palisade0.43 37.1181°N, 118.5303°W
Goethe, Mount9613,264'12,340' 924' Sierra NevadaMount Darwin0.78 37.2061°N, 118.7019°W
Bradley, Mount9713,264'12,434' 830' Sierra NevadaMount Williamson1.41 36.7286°N, 118.3386°W
132649813,264'12,959' 305' Sierra NevadaMount Pinchot0.68 36.9572°N, 118.4038°W
Feather Peak9913,260'12,500' 760' Sierra NevadaMount Hilgard0.55 37.3259°N, 118.7781°W
1326010013,260'12,740' 520' Sierra NevadaMount Tom1.44 37.2913°N, 118.6724°W


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