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Page Type: Mountain/Rock

Location: Slovakia, Europe

Object Title: Osterva

Elevation: 6509 ft / 1984 m


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General informations

Ostrva 1984m

Osterwa (pl)

the last summit in side ridge which begins in Zmarzly Szczyt.
Osterwa is separated by Pass under Osterwa from Tupa (pl. Tępa)
It has three merely equal summits. The highest in that one near the Pass.
In southern ridge there are: Zadnia Osterva,(Zadna Osterwa); Postredna Osterwa (Posrednia Osterva) and Skrajna Osterwa Predna(Skrajna Osterva) Lower, forest wide part of southern ridge was named Smrekowiec . Wyznie Wrotka in Osterwa are between Osterwa and Zadnia Osterwa. Nizne Wrotka in Osterwa are between Zadnia and Posrednia Osterwa.
Only from the North (from Popradske Pleso )and West (from the Menguszowencka Val.) there are rocks interesting for climbers.
In upper part of the West Face beneath summit block of Zadnia Osterwa there is slov. Ihla w Ostve (pl. Igla w Osterwie) (ger. Elisenturm) (hung. Erzsiketorony)


Getting There

The easiest way to get there is starting from train stop "Popradske Pleso", or from Štrbské Pleso - after about 1h and 10 minutes you reach Popradske Pleso-the lake and mountain hotel. (look "Camping" section)

Noramal route on the summit

First, we get on the Osterwa Pass by the red trail.
a) from Popradske Pleso - short, but tiring route - 1:30h ↓ 50 min
b) from Batyzowieckie Pleso (2h from Slezsky Dom) - 1:30h

From the Osterwa Pass just few meters by broad ridge and you're standing on the summit.


Osterva offers many climbing routes with good rock quality, long up to 150m, grade from IV to IX+ (one of the hardest in Slovakian Tatras New ascent by Miro Peto)
I recommend Dieska route, five pitches of safe and interesting climbing with medium difficult: VII- when climb free. If you fall down, there is a chance to landing straight on the cemetery(probably joke).
Galeria Osterwy
Osterva Predna
Source - tatry.nfo


1. Mountain Hotel Popradske Pleso in Menguszowiencka ValleyInformation about Mountain Hotel Popradske Pleso on our portal - summitpost

2. Mountain Hotel in Vielicka Valley Slezsky Dom

3. Apartament Smoczy Szczyt w Hornym Smokowcu
Apartmán Dračí štit v Hornom Smokovci
Apartament Smoczy Szczyt (Draci stit,Dragon s Peak, Drache Spitze)


Osterwa is easily accessible summit in winter. Wonderful and fast skialp descent, graded S3-.
Slide on the ass extreme too. :)
You can find information about avalanches danger level on HZS site (look section "Conditions in mountains").

Tourist season and TANAP rules

According to TANAP (Tatra's National Park) rules to climb unmarked routes you should be a member of mountaineer club which belong to UIAA, and you can use the easiest routes only for descending. Tourist season begins 16 Jul and ends 31 Oct.


Official TANAP site - more informations about Tatra Mountains principles.


Conditions in mountains

HZS -Weather,conditions and avalanche forecast slovakian rescue emergency mountain servis
TOPR -polish rescue emergency mountain servis

Valid Web
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Memorial cemetery

A memorial of victims of the High Tatras mountains Symbolický cintorín is located under Osterva's face. Cmentary was created in 1940 by R. Vosyky project. Vosyky was a Slovakian architect from Poprad

Yellow trail - Time : 15 min from Popradske Pleso.  
A part of Symbolic Cintorin


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