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Ice Climbing Salvation
Gear Review

Ice Climbing Salvation

Ice Climbing Salvation

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Object Title: Ice Climbing Salvation

Manufacturer: Kakawa Chocolate House

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Mesoamerican Drinking Chocolate

These Kakawa chocolate wafers/balls are representative of the first historic form of chocolate. The Mesoamericans including the Mayan's & Aztecs, made chocolate mixed with various spices into wafers, bricks or balls for easy storage and travel Typically, they used the chocolate wafers/balls when they wanted hot chocolate. The chocolate wafers/balls offered by Mark are his closest historical recreations to date of what these peoples were making and drinking. These chocolate drinks are based upon Pre-Columbian anthropological and historic culinary information.


Each wafer/ball makes a 6 to 7 oz demitasse drink. These are sold in packages of 3.

Where to Buy...

Kakawa Chocolate House
Hand-Crafted Historic European and Mesoamerican Aztec Drinking Chocolate made in Santa Fe, New Mexico



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