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Location Lat/Lon: 43.13164°N / 19.00029°E
Additional Information Elevation: 7552 ft / 2302 m
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GrudaGruda (2302 m) and a view to Susica Canyon
GrudaGruda (2302 m)
Gruda (2303 m) belong to the group of DURMITOR's peaks which are higher than 2300 m. Gruda peak is placed in South Durmitor and is the closest neighbour of Prutas (2393 m), the largest peak (not the highest) in whole Durmitor massif. Gruda proudly stay above beautiful Skrka Lakes valley and impressive Susica Canyon. Precisely, Gruda stay on the crossroad between Skrka Lakes valley and Susica Canyon. The wall of Gruda is like a natural gate between them. Gruda offer wonderful perception of the highest peaks of Durmitor calley "Soa Nebeska" wall, Samar pass, Sareni Pasovi, Prutas and Bioc/Maglic/Volujak range.
Gruda(2302m)W side of Gruda and Prutas (2393 m)
Of course, from Gruda you can enjoy in beautiful vasty plateau of Pivska Planina mountain and in Piva Canyon. Gruda is connected with a large massif of Prutas and stay below its N side. That peak is not so impressive like many others in the group of the highest peaks of Durmitor, but is still atractive because of its beautifully summit panoramas in all directions.

Summit view

Volujak/Bioc/Maglic rangeW summit view to Volujak/Bioc/Maglic range and to Piva Canyon
Gruda summit offer enjoyment in many beautifully panoramas as they are: E: Djevojka (2440 m), Sareni Pasovi (2248 m), Samar Pass (2075 m), Skrka Lakes Valley (1686 m) N: Planinica (2330 m), NE: Bezimeni Vrh (2487 m), Bobotov Kuk (2523 m) W: Pivska Planina range, Piva Canyon, Bioc/Maglic/Volujak range NW: Susica Canyon S: Prutas (2393 m)

Routes Overview

On the Gruda summitOn the summit of Gruda (2302 m)
The summit of Gruda is easily reachable, specially when you descend from Prutas summit. Also, you can reach Gruda summit ascending from Susica Canyon and Skrka Lakes Valley via Prutas slopes.
Gruda (2302m)Gruda (2303 m)
CLASSICAL APPROACHES: Gruda from Todorov Do valley: Todorov Do (Pistet water spring) - Ilin Do (2230 m) pass - Gruda (2302 m): 2h Route description: The ascent to the Gruda summit starts from Valoviti Do (1820 m) grassy cirque, below the southern side of Prutas peak. The path marked path crossing grassy and rocky parts of the route, always ascending approximately 40 degrees. After more than one hour of ascending you'll reach the Ilin Do (2230 m) pass, where the use of hands is neccessary. After that the path leads to the crossroad of mountain paths. From that place you can easily notice a Gruda peak which above the entrance of Susica Canyon and Skrka Lakes Valley. From here you can continue your tour, but now on the unmarked path. That's no problem because the narrow path to Gruda summit is easily visible. Gruda from Dobri Do valley - via Skrcko Zdrijelo (2114 m) pass: Dobri Do valley - Skrcko Zdrijelo (2114 m) pass - Prutas slopes - Gruda (2302 m): 3h-3.30h This route starts from Dobri Do valley, from where you should reach the Skrcko Zdrijelo pass. From here the path leads to the summit of Prutas and finally, below the summit of Prutas, the path goes down-right in direction to Gruda summit. That route, although longer, is more easy and not so dangerous than first one from Todorov Do.

Getting There

GrudaGruda (2302 m) peak with its beautiful surroundings
Gateway to Durmitor National Park and Gruda (2302 m) peak is Zabljak (1456 m) town, precisely a Sedlo (1907 m) pass and Todorov Do (1820 m) valley. Information how to get there: By Plane ~To Beograd (Belgrade, Serbia&Montenegro capital) airport. Than with plane to Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, or with bus or car to Zabljak town. ~To Podgorica airport. Than with bus or car to Zabljak town. Information about flights find on the sites of JAT Airways, a former Yugoslav airlines, or on Montenegro Airlines. By Bus ~Beograd (Belgrade)-Zabljak ~Podgorica-Zabljak ~Niksic-Zabljak ~Pljevlja-Zabljak
Gruda.Above Susica canyonGruda from Pivska Planina
Buses go to Zabljak from Beograd (Belgrade) twice a day and from Podgorica, Niksic, Pljevlja and Mojkovac several times per day. By Car ~Beograd (Belgrade)-Zlatibor-Nova Varos-Prijepolje-Pljevlja-Zabljak ~Niksic - Savnik (47km) - Zabljak (37km): 84km; Niksic to Zabljak approach from south. ~Niksic - Savnik (35km) - Zabljak (37km): 72km; ~Podgorica - Niksic (55 km)-Savnik (47 km)-Zabljak (37 km): 139 km; Add this length if you are going to Zabljak from Podgorica via Niksic. Road to Niksic from Podgorica is good. ~Podgorica - Kolasin (71km) - Mojkovac (21km) - Zabljak (67km): 159km; road is good all the way to Zabljak. Behind Podgorica (56m) you go inside Moraca River canyon (one of spectacular Montenegrin canyons). It is up to 1000m deep and has wild sides. That's spectacular drive. After that, from "Djurdjevica Tara" bridge to Zabljak - 23 km. Than from Zabljak town to Sedlo (1907 m) pass by Zabljak-Virak-Trsa road, 16 km from Zabljak town. From Sedlo pass the path road continue to Dobri Do or finally to Todorov Do cirque.


Susica HutSusica Hut
Skrka Hut in Skrka Lakes ValleySkrka Hut
Camping permitted on camping dedicated spots only. Major huts are in good condition, but with no service. Still, open to the general public. Hikers/climbers are supposed to bring all the jummy stuff with them. The nearest locations for camping before/after climbing of Gruda (2302 m) are: HUTS 1. Hut in Skrka Lakes Valley (1723 m). Active: June 1 - October 1. 2. Hut in Susica Canyon

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