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Location Lat/Lon: 43.11417°N / 19.05465°E
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7959 ft / 2426 m
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Milošev TokNorth side of Milošev Tok (2426 m)
Milošev Tok & Bandijerna from Mala Previja passMilošev Tok (2426 m) and Bandijerna (2409 m) from Mala Previja (2200 m) pass
Milošev Tok (2426 m) is 6th highest peak of DURMITOR range. Even not so known and popular, that peak is for sure one of the most beautiful peak of DURMITOR which hidden a uniqe beauty of Durmitor's range and offer a special view of its massif. Photo of Milošev Tok you can't easily find on the web, because just a few people know its secrets and undescrible beauty. Actually, Milošev Tok is naturally connected with 2 km long high plateau of Šljeme (2455 m). Milošev Tok is the last part of the large Durmitor's eastern massif consist of Šljeme and Milošev Tok on W side above the Jezerska Povrs (Plateau of Lakes). On W side Milošev Tok is separated from NE side of impressive Bandijerna (2409 m) peak. Actually, this is not peak like all others. Milošev Tok is situated on about 2 kilometres long high rocky plateau which height is more than 2400 m in average. On that plateau exist many peaks and best known from them are Istocni Vrh Šljemena (East Peak of Šljeme, 2445 m) and Vrh Šljemena (Šljeme Summit, 2455 m) and Milošev Tok (2426 m). The neighbourhood of Milošev Tok is enriched by beautiful Miloševa Lokva (Miloš's Puddle) placed on 2362 m above sea level. The puddle is about 10 meters wide and is surrounded by stones and grassy plateau. Miloševa Lokva is optimal place for refreshment before and after reaching the summit of Milošev Tok.
Miloš`s pool ...Miloševa Lokva
LOCATION: Crest of Šljeme-Milošev Tok massif stretches from the Milošev Tok (2426 m), which is on the western edge, to the pass which separates it from Savin Kuk (2313 m), on the north side. Southern and eastern slopes are huge. Towards S they descent into Poscenska Dolina valley while E slopes descent towards Jezerska Povrs (Lakes Plateau). Šljeme-Milošev Tok massif is some kind of mixture of long grassy slopes and scree valleys or small scree basins, former glacial cirques. Northern and eastern side of the Šljeme have totally different configuration. Eastern side look to "tibetian" Jezerska Povrs (Lakes Plateau) vasted plateau, while Northern and most impressive side of Šljeme-Milošev Tok massif proudly staying above Ledeni Do basin and Velika Kalica valley, above famous glacier Debeli Namet which is all time under snow and ice.

Summit View

Durmitor massif from Milošev Tok summitCentral massif of DURMITOR from Milošev Tok summit
Milošev Tok summit viewBandijerna (2409 m) and Prutaš (2393 m) from Milošev Tok summit
The summit of Milošev Tok (2426 m) offer you enjoyment in incredible view to whole massif of DURMITOR. W: Bobotov Kuk (2523 m), Bezimeni Vrh (2487 m), Djevojka (2440 m), Minin Bogaz (2387 m), BIOC (Vitlovi Group, 2397 m) SW: Bandijerna (2409 m), Prutaš (2393 m) NW: Rbatina (2401 m), Obla Glava (2303 m), Cvorov Bogaz (2152 m) N: Terzin Bogaz (2303 m), Medjed (2287 m), Crvena Greda (2175 m) NE: Vrh Šljemena (2455 m), Istocni vrh Šljemena (2445 m) SE: Sedlena Greda (2227 m), Ranisava (2081 m), Stožina (1908 m)
Bobotov Kuk from Milošev TokBobotov Kuk 2523 m from Milošev Tok summit

Route Overview

Route to Milošev Tok from Velika KalicaGoing to Mala Previja pass from Velika Kalica valley
Classical route of Milošev Tok climbing start from Crno Jezero lake and goes to Savin Kuk, where route following eastern slope of Šljeme called Cista Strana (Clean Side) and reaching Istocni Vrh Šljemena (East Peak of Šljeme, 2445 m) and than also Vrh Šljemena (Šljeme Summit, 2455 m), highest peak of Sljeme massif. After that you continue your tour on the long and wide Šljeme plateau to reach the summit of Milošev Tok (2426 m). Before that you'll see a beautiul Miloševa Lokva (Miloš's Puddle, 2362 m), about 10 meter wide puddle which is really a beautiful natural wonder. Second solution of approching Milošev Tok is through the Velika Kalica Valley via bivouac, Mala Previja pass (2200 m) and Ledeni Do valley (cirque). That ascent on Milošev Tok is more impressive then first one via Cista Strana of Šljeme. Final ascent on Milošev Tok goes on about 40% steep rocky slopes of Milošev Tok, between Milošev Tok and part of Šljeme called Pleca. Here is optimal and more easily to approach Milošev Tok also in winter conditions, walking on the snow. Route is not dangerous, but crampons and ice axe is needed.
Descending to Ledeni Do from Milošev TokDescending to Ledeni Do from Milošev Tok
Also, approach to Milošev Tok via Šljeme plateau is also possible directly from Savin Kuk (2313 m) summit through the Zdrijelo colouir but this is quite unusual climbing section till the ridge of Sljeme. Because of this Sljeme is not visited by many people. But, once when you staying on the top of Sljeme, 2 km long and with 2455 m high altitude, you can feel like on the top of the world, total freedom and unboundedness. To be so high and walking 2 kilometres on this level is really something special! Milošev Tok climbing via high Šljeme plateau and staying on it's summit is really extraordinary adventure! Finally, the summit of Milošev Tok you can reach also by 2 alpinistic routes via two diagonale culoars placed in its northern cliffs above Ledeni Do valley (cirque), from where that routes starts. More information about the level of difficulties and climbing time needed to reach the summit i will add very soon.
View from Ledeni DoMala Previja pass, Terzin Bogaz and Medjed from Ledeni Do valley
  • Crno Jezero Lake (1416 m) – Mioc Poljana (1569 m) – Panalj (1813 m) – Cista Strana – Sljeme (2455 m) - Milošev Tok (2426 m): 4.30h
  • Crno Jezero Lake (1416 m) - Toèak spring - Struga pass (1910 m) - Velika Kalica valley - Bivouac (2000 m) - Mala Previja pass (2200 m) - Ledeni Do - Milošev Tok (2426 m): 5.30h-6h
  • Bivouac in Velika Kalica valley (2000 m) - Mala Previja pass (2200 m) - Ledeni Do - Milošev Tok (2426 m): 1.30h-2h
  • Crno Jezero Lake (1416 m) - Toèak spring - Struga pass (1910 m) - Velika Kalica valley - Bivouac (2000 m): 3.30h-4h
  • Savin Kuk (2313 m) – Zdrijelo couloir – Sljeme (Istocni Vrh, East Summit, 2445 m) - Vrh Šljemena (2455 m) - Milošev Tok (2426 m):2h
Milošev Tok from Ledeni DoMilošev Tok from Ledeni Do

Getting There

Mala Previja pass
Gateway to reach the summit of Milošev Tok (2426 m) peak in DURMITOR massif is Zabljak town. Information how to get there: By Plane ~To Beograd (Belgrade, Serbia&Montenegro capital) airport. Than with plane to Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, or with bus or car to Zabljak town. ~To Podgorica airport. Than with bus or car to Zabljak town. Information about flights find on the sites of JAT Airways, a former Yugoslav airlines, or on Montenegro Airlines. By Bus ~Beograd (Belgrade)-Zabljak ~Podgorica-Zabljak ~Niksic-Zabljak ~Pljevlja-Zabljak Buses go to Zabljak from Beograd (Belgrade) twice a day and from Podgorica, Niksic, Pljevlja and Mojkovac several times per day.
Milošev Tok & Bandijerna
By Car ~Beograd (Belgrade)-Zlatibor-Nova Varos-Prijepolje-Pljevlja-Zabljak ~Niksic - Savnik (47km) - Zabljak (37km): 84km; Niksic to Zabljak approach from south. ~Niksic - Savnik (35km) - Zabljak (37km): 72km; ~Podgorica - Niksic (55 km)-Savnik (47 km)-Zabljak (37 km): 139 km; Add this length if you are going to Zabljak from Podgorica via Niksic. Road to Niksic from Podgorica is good. ~Podgorica - Kolasin (71km) - Mojkovac (21km) - Zabljak (67km): 159km; road is good all the way to Zabljak. Behind Podgorica (56m) you go inside Moraca River canyon (one of spectacular Montenegrin canyons). It is up to 1000m deep and has wild sides. That's spectacular drive. After that, from Mojkovac through the Tara Canyon and finally via "Djurdjevica Tara" bridge to Zabljak - 23 km.


Optimal place before and after climbing Milošev Tok is bivouac in Velika Kalica valley. Capacity of that bivouac is for 4 persons, maximum for 8 persons. Bivouac has also a table with few chairs, place to leave the axes, crampons, ropes and other equipment, 4 beds with possibility to transform them in wider place with 8 beds. Sleeping bag is necessary. Inside is wooden wall and ground. Also, bivouac has a owen for heating with wood.
Shelter in Velika Kalica valley
Note: In the surroundings of bivouac in Velika Kalica don't exist a water spring. The nearest springs are in Lokvice Valley across the Velika Previja (2145 m) pass which separate Terzin Bogaz from Medjed, and finally Tocak spring above the Crno Jezero lake on the way to Šljeme and Velika Kalica valley. From that bivouac you can reach the summit of Milošev Tok via Mala Previja (2200 m) pass and Ledeni Do valley (cirque).

Weather Info

Milošev Tok & Bandijerna above Ledeni Do valleyMilošev Tok & Bandijerna above Ledeni Do valley
Meteo info for DURMITOR you can see on VREME YUBC web site.

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