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Created On: Oct 9, 2008
Last Edited On: Apr 21, 2009


When you do the route to Gorbea from Pagomakurre when you pass by the Arraba camps you can see a rocky mountain. That mountain is Lekanda.

Lekanda from Arraba campsLekanda from Arraba camps

Arraba camps and Lekanda from  Paso Aldape 451392:alignleft:thumb


Itxina is a Submassif of Gorbea massif. Its a Protected Biotope from 1995.

General view of ItxinaGeneral view of Itxina

Itxina's highest summit is Lekanda but has also got other summits like:

-Axkorrigan (1095m)

-Itxinerdikoatxa (1137m)

-Gorosteta (1261m)

-Altipitatx (1172m)


-Arteta (1173m)

-Kutxak (1202m)

-Atxajausita 1158m)

-Igalirrintza (1296m)

-Abarakoaskan (1066m)

Red Tape

No permits requiered. Don't forget that Lekanda is in Itxina's Protected Biotope.


Not allowed in Itxina


Its not a mountain with very bad weather, but some days in winter can snow and make difficult the final part. Atention to the wind (no so much like Gorbea, the summit more windy of the Basque Country) but can be strong
In summer so much hot

AEMET Weather in Areatza (The village more close to Lekanda)

Access to the summit

From Pagomakurre: 1h10min
From Urigoiti (Orozko)3h30min
From Zeanuri: 3h

Lekanda from near Pagomakurre

You can see how to go to those places in Gorbea's page