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The limestone ridge Alluitz-Anboto is one of the most important of the Basque Mountains. Located in the province of Vizcaya is probably its most spectacular mountain, but not the highest (Gorbea with 1,481 meters, in the border with the province of Alava is the highest point of the province).

The Basque country contain the provinces of Alava, Guipuzcoa and Vizcaya, but the highest point of the three is the massif of Aizkorri (with the peak Aitxuri of 1551m).
Geologically this mountains are a part of the Range Basque-Cantabrian (with other mountains like Picos de Europa) and the karts is the normal landscape surrounded with green valleys (the sea is very near and the rain is frequent).
The valleys and mountains of this area are called “Durangaldea” because the main city is Durango.

The ridge of Anboto

The summits of the ridge Alluitz-Anboto from east to west:
-Anboto, 1331m.
-Elgoin, 1250m.
-Kurutzeta, 1215m.

-Punta Larrano, 980m.
-Larrano Zorrotza, 1005m.
-Larrano Urkulu Puntea, 1020m.
-Alluitz, 1040m

In black the main summits, the others are secondary.

Getting There

Durango and Anboto are in the north of Spain. The access to Basque Country is perfectly indicated in all the roads, I indicate the communication from the point of entry to arrive to Puerto de Urkiola (the most popular trailhead of the routes):

-South (Vitoria):
N-240 in north direction to Legutiano (Villarreal de Alava). A-623 in direction to Otxandio (Ochandiano). After 8 km from this village we arrive to Urkiola.

-West (Bilbao):
N-634 or E-70 (highway of pay) to Durango. BI-623 across the village of Mañaria to Urkiola.

-East (Pamplona):
N-240A to Alsasua. N-1 to Beasain (across the Puerto de Etxegarate). GI-632 to Zumarraga and Bergara. From Bergara, GI-2632 and BI-632 to Durango. BI-623 across the village of Mañaria to Urkiola.

-Puerto de Urkiola:
From here the access to the real trailhead is a little road in direction to Hermit of Sta Barbara. After 2km near the col of Asuntze (875m) you can park the car in some little places in the border of the road. You can begin the route in Urkiola of course but you must to walk this 2 km.

Note: the signals and the name of the village are generally in 2 languages in the roads (Spanish and euskera)

-Bizkaibus: line Elorrio-Durango-Urkiola. web:

-ALSA-CONTINENTAL-AUTO, Durango-Izurtza, Mañanria, Urkiola… Vitoria
Working days: 7.10/8.15/10.45/13.45/15.00/17.15/21.30
Weekends: 9.15/10.30/15.00/18.15/21.30

Red Tape and Routes

No permit required. Anboto is in the Natural Park of Urkiola.
Very important note: Anboto is a nice and easy peak in days with good weather conditions but with snow or rain is dangerous with a few of mortal accidents each year, specially in the famous paso del Diablo in the ridge Anboto-Alluitz. You must be carefull with the weather conditions.
-Urkiola (710m), slope of 621m (456m from Astuntze), easy, walk-up. For all the people. 1h 30 min (+1h to descent)
-Urkiola across Zabalandi, easy, rock climb grade I (F.). 1h 40 (+1h to descent)
-Urkiola-Anboto-Alluitz-Urkiola, the full ridge, PD (poco dificil, low difficult), easy rocky ridge with a step-crossing of grade II+ of 4 meters with great falls in the both sides (the “Paso del Diablo”, pass of the devil). Only for mountaineers. 5-6h.
-Arrazola (250m), slope of 1120m, easy, walk-up. 2h (+1h30 of descent).

Natural Park of Urkiola

The Natural Park:
The Natural Park of Urkiola, inaugurated in 1989, it has an extension of 5800 Ht and contain the 2 great massifs of Legarmendi-Eskuagatz and Anboto. The rules are the habitual in this places with respect for the natural environment.
Some of the plants of the park: pines, beeches (the forest of Zabalaundi in the hillsides of Anboto are one of the widest of Vizcaya), birches, yewes…

Another mountains of Urkiola: Untzillatx (934m), Leungana (1009m), Mugarra (964m), Oiz (1029m), Urtemondo (768m), Udalatx (1117m), Ipizte (1062m), Orisol (1128m).

Sanctuary of Urkiola:
Urkiola is an important spiritual place with a temple reconstructed from 1900 and unconclused. The dates most relevant are 17th January (san Anton) and 13th June (San Antonio de Padua).

The legends:
The goddess Mari is the Lady of Anboto, the most important referent of the basque mythology. This lady live underground and she exit out across some caves. According with the legend the goddess live 7 years in Anboto, 7 years in the mount Oiz and other 7 years in Mugarra. In this caves underground she live surrounded of gold (but the legend say what this objects they turn into wood on having extracted them to the light). There was many legends about but you can enjoy of the mountains and the caves.

When To Climb

Anboto from ZabalaundiAnboto
All the year. Some days in winter with snow the ridge is very dangerous (It's not advisable the climb!!!!!!!!), but the snow is rare in this mountain.
With rain the ridge is complicated and dangerous but the normal route is possible with attention in the last meters to reach the summit.


No camping in the area. No huts but you're a hermit in the col of Larrano (hermit of sta Barbara) with a little hut for an emergency.

Housing it's no problem beacuse this mountain is very near of the villages and cities. You can visit Durango, Zortnoza, Abadiño, Amorebieta, Arrasate, Elorrio,...and more villages and cities in less of 15 km arround of this mountain to search it. Even Vitoria or Bilbao are not far.

Some housing (orientative):
Albergue de montaña Urkiola (944-206849)
Albergue de Zortnoza (946-730460)

Hostal Buenos-Aires (Puerto de Urkiola) (946-812009)
H.Landajuela (Puerto de Urkiola) (946-815678)
H.Kurutziaga (Durango) (946-200864)

Another posibility is the rural tourism with a lot of rural houses:
Casas Rurales-Vizcaya

Mountain Conditions

Maps and books

"Durangaldea" M.Angulo & M.Eguiluz (CP. ed. Sua)

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