Peña Karria

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Alava / Araba, Spain, Europe
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Peña Karria
Created On: Apr 3, 2010
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Peña Karria
Walls of Peña Karria

Peña Karria or Peña Gobea isn’t the highest peak of Natural Park of Valderejo but it’s the most spectacular and famous. Its sharp ridge is one of the most beautiful of North of Spain but it’s not very difficult. Thanks to its fame the normal route is equipped with chains and iron stakes.


-normal from Arroyo de San Zadornil-S.W. (P.D.inf): it has a rock climb of 15 meters equipped as via ferrata. It’s very advisable the use of the rope and harness for the people without experience in rock-climb.
-ridge S.E.: (A.D.inf.).
-ridge N.W.: (A.D.inf.).

Getting There

Peña Karria
Arroyo de San Zadornil

From Vitoria to Arroyo de San Zadornil, in the base of the peak.

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Red Tape-Natural Park of Valderejo

The natural park of Valderejo is situated at N.W. of Alava / Araba, just in the border with Burgos and it’s regulated since 1992. The highest peak is Recuenco (1.240m) but it contains another interesting peaks like Vallegrull (1.226m) or Arrayuelas (1.128m), with nice walk-ups without complications except the mythical Peña Karria. It’s forbidden the climb of some of the peaks between 1st January and 15th August to protect the wildlife (vultures) but Peña Karria is possible to climb all the year.

In winter of with rain or snow isn’t advisable the climb of Peña Karria because is very dangerous and exposed.


The main city is Vitoria with a lot of hotels and lodges.

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