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Supercrack (5.10)

Ruins Below Supercrack Buttress

Incredible Hand Crack (5.10)

The Elephant in Donnely Canyon, Indian Creek

JD nearing the top of Unamed 5.10 on the left side of Blue Gramma Cliff, Indian Creek

Looking into Donnelly Canyon

Donnelly Canyon Climbs

Ansaid Tower in Donnelly Canyon

Druid Arch Canyonlands NP Utah

wavy gravy anchor

Indian Creek Cliffs

View from Friction Slab

Newspaper Rock

Newspaper Rock

Incredible Handcrack

View south of Hwy 211, just east of Canyonlands NP

Looking Across the Valley

Six Shooter Showdown

Camping in the Creek

Sunset over Bridger Jack Towers

Molar rock near angel arch,Canoynlands,Utah

Necessary gear for the summit of the South Six Shooter

Myself on the summit of the South Six Shooter

South Six Shooter Peak from...

Silhouettede Six Shooter...

Six Shooter Peaks (South one...

Indian creek at sunset on the...

Approaching S. Sixshooter...

Krishna scoping out the base...

Johnny, on one of his first...

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Viewing: 1-30 of 3980