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Mid-way 4x4 parking

Across South Park from 10760 ft

At roughly 10700 feet

Getting There_1

Getting There

Getting There_3

Homestead north of La Salle Pass 1

Homestead north of La Salle Pass 2

Homestead north of La Salle Pass 1

Summit structures from road

Nice views across South Park

Nice views from 10760 feet

Badger Mountain Road

Snow covered Badger Mountain Road

Southern Sawatch

Across the South Platte area

Badger Mountain from the West

Bison Peak and McCurdy Mountain from Badger Mountain

Bulky communications tower

Collection of summit structures

Happy Summit Splattski

Last southern gasp

Pilot Peak from Badger Mountain

Sawatch Views from along Badger Mountain Road

South Park views en route

Summit Boulder and drawer

Summit area medallion

Summit relay tower

Summit views to the northwest

Summit drawer

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Viewing: 1-30 of 20798