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Exped SynMat Pump
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Product Description

The Exped SynMat Pump is a inflatable sleeping pad, filled with syntetic fiber for insulation and it comes with an integrated pump.

Since the microfiber filling compresses well and is lightweight, this sleeping pad has low weight and volume at the same time as giving much better insulation than closed cell, foam or airmats.

(Exped also delievers the same type of pads with down, which gives even better insulation.)


The SynMat has syntetic filling, which gives very good insulation. Specific details can be found on various webpages, as they vary with the different models, but Exped claims about twice as high heat-resitance value compared to a standard self-inflating pad of app. the same weight.

Integrated pump:
It doesn't self-inflated, you have to pump it. This should take a couple of minutes, you can regulate how soft/hard you want it - and you don't have to deal with the temptation of blowing moist air into you're sleeping pad.

The SynMat Pump comes in three different models, 7, 7DLX and 9DLX. Where the number indicates the height in centimeters. Superb Comfort.

Volume (packed):
21*15cm for the smallest, 27*16 for the largest. That doesn't take up uneccessary space in your backpack

From 860grams to 1160grams

They're expensive.

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oddsverre - Aug 5, 2010 11:06 am - Voted 5/5

I've borrowed one of these sleeping pads from my father on a couple of trips, and I am very satisfied. Low packing volume and weight, very good insulation and superb comfort. At the last campsite I didn't even bother to remove rocks from where our tent should be. With 9 centimeters of sleeping pat I didn't feel a thing. The only thing that disturbed my sleep that night was the guys in the tent next to ours, who tested their new Exped sleeping pads for the first time and couldn't keep quiet about how good they felt. One worry could be to rip a hole in it as you can with any inflateable or selfinflating pad, but they seem durable. I think the integrated pump works great, have heard some say inflating them was trickier with the older versions. I'll definitly buy one someday in the future when I can afford it..

Bill Kerr - Jan 23, 2011 11:15 pm - Voted 5/5

Best sleep you will get in backcountry. Very good R value and small packed size. Only complaints would be weight, cost and risk of puncture or leaks. A deflated pad would not be much insulation. Some people seem to have problems pumping them up.

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