Lightweight Series Self-Inflating


Lightweight Series Self-Inflating
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Object Title Lightweight Series Self-Inflating
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Great Comfortable Sleeping Pad

This pad has been through allot with me. I was very hesitant when buying an inflating pad, but needed it for a winter trip. I have had many inflating pads in the past, and everyone of them has eventually broken. They generate holes quickly, and deflate many time during the night. This pad has not let me down yet. I bought it because it was somewhat of a light pad.

It does not inflate very well by itself, so you may need to blow into it for a good firm inflated pad. Now this is troublesome after a long days hike, but once you get it inflated, you will be laughing at your friends who are tossing and turning all night, trying to get comfortable on their foam mats.

Some people complain about rolling it up to fit into its stuff bag. I have never had a problem getting it small and compact just as it came brand new. It does take about one to two minutes to roll it up depending on your method or desired compression.

This pad also has non-slip fabrics on the surface of it to help prevent you from sliding off. This does not stop you from sliding totally, but helps allot. It comes with two nylon bands that wrap around the mat when rolled up to keep it from unraveling. this also makes it easier to put in its stuff sack. The stuff sack is very nice because it not only makes it easier for you to carry around, but protects your pad if you attach it to the outside of your pack. This way protruding branches and scraps against rocks will not damage your pad as easily.


Jet Stream Polyurethane Open Cell Foam

Faster Inflating and Deflating

Diamond Ripstop Top Fabric

Strong and Lightweight

Polyester Taffeta Bottom Fabric

Durable and Abrasion Resistant

Non-corrosive Nylon Valves

Long-term Durability

20" X 48" X 1.5"

Includes Repair Kit and Stuff Sack

Used For Fast Packing

2 pounds 5 oz.



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silversummit - Apr 19, 2009 10:31 pm - Voted 3/5

I have an early version of this one
and find it less than comfortable for my hips and back. Even getting it at a deeply discounted price doesn't make it worth using for camping or backpacking.

They now make several different pads but I won't buy another. Instead I'll be spending my money on good Thermarest pads.

Hotoven - Apr 20, 2009 9:59 am - Voted 5/5

Side Sleeping
I have no trouble with it while sleeping on my side. In fact most pads I have tried out are just fine when sleeping on my side. But then again, I'm only around 147 lbs, and 5'11'' so my weight is distributed nicely.

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