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Product Description

The revolutionary avalanche beacon Made in Switzerland.


Easy operation thanks to clear instructions. The designers kept the user uppermost in their minds throughout the transceiver’s development. With its easy, two-button operation and intuitive user interface, the PULSE Barryvox® is ready for action at any time. Its fully graphical display shows only whichever is the most important function at any given moment. The unambiguous icons are clearly interpretable and help by rapidly guiding the rescuer to the victim, even under the stress of an avalanche accident.


Quick and precise location thanks to 360-degree display and 3 antennas.The rescue of a buried person is a race against time – as a general rule, the first 15 to 20 minutes are critical. Should the rescuer be moving away from the victim, the PULSE Barryvox® is the first avalanche transceiver worldwide to correctly show the direction and distance back to the target. A permanent direction arrow, which can swivel 360 degrees, acts rather like a compass and quickly leads the rescuer to the right spot. Even if the rescuer on the flux line is moving away from the
victim, the arrow turns 180° and shows the shortest path back to the target.
The additional third antenna enables precise pinpointing, even in deep burial situations. Within 3 meters of the victim, the display switches to show the rescuer that he has entered the fine search zone. To speed up the final stages of the search, this feature has been coupled with a highly effective acoustic signal that gets more insistent and louder as the rescuer nears the victim.


Save time with a clear overview in the case of multiple victims. State-of-the-art technology is employed to separate all the victims’ transmitter signals and link them with their respective sources. This allows victims’ statuses to be called up one-by-one, which makes for a rapid overview assessment and simplifies the search in a multiple burial situation. Moreover, the PULSE Barryvox® is the first avalanche transceiver to incorporate a 3D movement sensor capable of picking up victims’ vital signs of life. This information helps save vital time when rescuing survivors.


  • Type: digital/analog transceiver with 3 antennas

  • Transmitter frequency 457 kHz

  • Search strip width 50m (method Good)

  • Maximum range normally 60m in standard mode, 90m in analog mode

  • Dimensions 113 mm x 75 mm x 27 mm

  • Weight 210g (incl. batteries)

  • W-Link frequency 869.8MHz

  • Battery life min. 200 hr

  • Batteries 3x 1.5 V Alkaline (AAA)

  • Warranty 5 years Mammut warranty, worldwide service network


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Sebastian Hamm - Jan 20, 2007 5:32 pm - Voted 5/5

I bought it lately and I´ll do my experience with that beacon next week on a ski-tour in the Alps. The tests, press information and manufacturer-information say, that it is the nonplusultra nowadays.

Alpinist - Mar 25, 2008 1:11 pm - Hasn't voted

I just bought this device and practiced with it on Mt Shasta. It is very intuitive and accurate. We took turns hiding beacons and trying to find them in forested snow. I was able to find the hidden beacon in just a couple of minutes with minimal training. (We tossed them into tree wells from a distance so our tracks wouldn't provide any clues.)

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