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The Pasayten Wilderness is one of the largest wildernesses in the state of Washington and one of the largest in the contiguous United States. It covers ____ acres in North-Central Washington. Here is a map showing its size and location:

The wilderness is characterized by rivers, creeks, divides, and spurs running in all sorts of directions but the predominate orientation of these are North-South. The "Pasayten Divide" runs East-West. Several notable rivers flow south of this divide, rivers such as the Chewuch.....

There are approximately ____ named or prominence peaks within the wilderness. The highest point is 9,066-ft Jack Mountain on the WSW boundary. The lowest point is ____ along the ____ River on the ___ boundary.

The northern tip of the Pacific Crest Trail runs through it....

Significant Peaks in the Pasayten

The Pasayten's 35-highest summits and 35-most-prominent summits.
Big Craggy (8470F, 3070P) lies just outside the wilderness boundary.
Desolation Peak (3222P) is just outside the wilderness in Ross Lake National Recreation Area.

Highest Summits

Most-Prominent Summits

01 Jack Mountain (9066F)

01 Remmel Mountain (4365P)

02 Mt. Lago (8745F)

02 Jack Mountain (4186P)

03 Robinson Mountain (8726F)

03 Hozomeen Mountain (3966P)

04 Remmel Mountain (8685F)

04 Mt. Lago (3265P)

05 Ptarmigan Peak (8614F)

05 Castle Peak (3226P)

06 Cathedral Peak (8601F)

06 Three Fools Peak (2440P)

07 Mt. Carru (8595F)

07 "Daemon Peak" (2194P)

08 Monument Peak (8592F)

08 Sheep Mountain (2034P)

09 Osceola Peak (8587F)

09 Windy Peak (1771P)

10 Lost Peak (8464F)

10 Mt. Winthrop (1690P)

11 Blackcap Mountain (8397F)

11 Robinson Mountain (1686P)

12 Lake Mountain (8371F)

12 Nanny Goat Mountain (1660P)

13 West Craggy (8366F)

13 Pasayten Peak (1650P)

14 Amphitheater Mountain (8358F)

14 Lost Peak (1624P)

15 Windy Peak (8334F)

15 Andrew Peak (1581P)

16 Castle Peak (8306F)

16 Hozomeen, South Peak (1483P)

17 Andrew Peak (8301F)

17 Pk 7330 on Jack Mtn Quad (1330P)

18 Apex Mountain (8297F)

18 Buckskin Ridge (1295P)

19 Sheep Mountain (8274F)

19 Coleman Peak (1290P)

20 "Amos Peak" (8259F)

20 "Fool Hen Mountain" (1288P)

21 Many Trails Peak (8241F)

21 Jackita Ridge (1270P)

22 Dot Mountain (8220F)

22 Shull Mountain (1190P)

23 "Trailblazer" [south of Many Trails] (8211F)

23 Bauerman Ridge (1187P)

24 "Fool Hen Mountain" (8168F)

24 Pk 7040 on Castle Pk Quad (1160P)

25 Peepsight Mountain (8146F)

25 Osceola Peak (1147P)

26 Sunrise Peak (8144F)

26 Blizzard Peak (1142P)

27 Armstrong Mountain (8140F)

27 Island Mountain (1128P)

28 Wolframite Mountain (8137F)

28 Bald Mountain [Ashnola Pass Quad] (1091P)

29 Crater Mountain (8128F)

29 Monument Peak (1072P)

30 Three Pinnacles (8124F)

30 Armstrong Mountain (1053P)

31 McLeod Mountain (8099F)

31 Sunrise Peak (1024P)

32 Mt. Rolo (8096F)

32 Billy Goat Mountain (1033P)

33 Arnold Peak (8090F)

33 Holman Peak (1030P)

34 Devils Peak (8081F)

34 Tamarack Peak (1010P)

35 Freds Mountain (8080+F)

35 Pk 7838 on Ashnola Pass Quad (998P)