Peak 13,615 (1.7 mi NNW of White Mtn. Peak)

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Peak 13,615 (1.7 mi NNW of White Mtn. Peak)
Created On: Jul 10, 2009
Last Edited On: Sep 24, 2011


Peak 13,615 (aka UTM882683) is an unnamed California Thirteener east of Bishop in the White Mountains just 1.7 miles NNW of White Mountain Peak. The ridge connecting the two peaks is class 3, and provides more of a chance to see the reclusive California Bighorn Sheep than the jeep road leading to the latter.

Getting There

The jeep road to the summit of White Mountain Peak, though closed to motorized traffic, provides easy access beginning at an extremely high trailhead (12,000'). For more information on this part of the approach, see the White Mountain Peak and Mt. Barcroft pages.

Leave the trail where it starts heading up the north ridge of White Mountain Peak (ditch your bike/unicycle) and then follow the long ridge north to Peak 13,615. Some of this is broad and open, but in several places there are class 3 sections.

Red Tape

As with White Mountain Peak, the extremely high trailhead (12,000') requires proper acclimation - you don’t want to just drive up from sea level and have at it!

Note also that there are no reliable water sources in the area (besides perhaps some snow melt in early season). Thus, you’ll need to carry whatever you plan on drinking.

The good news is that you need neither a permit nor any other form of registration to climb, even for overnight stays.

Although this peak is not in the Sierra the access is still from 395, so you may still find some relevant information on Matthew Holliman’s excellent Eastern Sierra logistics page.


You can bike from a campsite near the Barcroft Observatory to the shoulder of White Mountain Peak. If you want to climb all three of Mt. Barcroft, White Mountain Peak and Peak 13,615 on the same trip, I recommend camping near the observatory with a sunset jaunt up to Barcroft, then getting up early for the long day out to Peak 13,615, bagging White Mountain Peak on your way back, and spending a second night at your camp.

If you do bring your bikes, take turns driving the car down the road so that you can enjoy the long downhill ride as well (including much of highway 168).

Again, for more information, see the Mt. Barcroft and White Mountain Peak pages.

Peak 13,615 (1.7 mi NNW of White Mtn. Peak)

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