California Thirteeners

California, United States, North America
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Official VRMC List

The VRMC California Thirteeners list was developed independently from the other lists of the highest California peaks published on The VRMC list was the first such list published on the web (February 2000), it originates from a much more thorough analysis of the available data, and it has been painstakingly updated over the past 10 years as new data became available.

As a list of Thirteeners, it automatically incorporates a list of California Fourteeners as well as the Hundred Highest Mountains of California. However, the VRMC site contains separate pages listing the California Fourteeners, 50 Highest, 100 Highest, 4000-Meter Peaks, and 150 Highest.

There are also pages on the VRMC site describing the methodology as well as a separate list of interesting peaks that currently fail the VRMC criteria for inclusion (e.g., saddle depth less than 300'). You may also register there to keep track of your progress toward finishing the list.

Latest VRMC Site Feature (c. November 2009): Embedded interactive 3-D Google Earth maps:

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There are still 19 mountains on the list (marked with asterisks) that are not yet represented here at I’ve already added descriptions for 20 that I’ve climbed, but I would encourage other California peakbaggers out there to help complete this task.

California Thirteeners

Rank Peak Name Official Elevation Saddle Depth
1Mt. Whitney14,491' or 4417m300m+
2Mt. Williamson14,375' or 4382m300m+
3White Mountain Peak14,246' or 4342m300m+
4North Palisade14,242' or 4341m300m+
5Mt. Shasta14,162' or 4317m300m+
6Mt. Sill14,153' or 4314m387'
7Mt. Russell14,088' or 4294m300m+
8Split Mountain14,058' or 4285m300m+
9Mt. Langley14,026' or 4275m300m+
10Mt. Tyndall14,018' or 4273m300m+
11Middle Palisade14,012' or 4271m300m+
12Mt. Barnard13,990' or 4264m968'
13Mt. Humphreys13,986' or 4263m300m+
14Mt. Keith13,975' or 4260m300m+
15Mt. Stanford (South)13,973' or 4259m300m+
16“Barrett Peak”13,962' or 4256m302'
17Trojan Peak13,947' or 4251m738'
18Mt. LeConte13,930' or 4246m300m+
19“Mt. Morgenson”13,927' or 4245m302' (279' to 344' by contours)
20Mt. Agassiz13,893' or 4235m853'
21Junction Peak13,888' or 4233m774'
22Norman Clyde Peak13,855' or 4223m344' (272' to 338' by contours)
23Mt. Mallory13,845' or 4220m463'
24CalTech Peak13,832' or 4216m551'
25Mt. Darwin13,831' or 4216m300m+
26Mt. Kaweah13,802' or 4207m300m+
27Mt. McAdie13,799' or 4206m538'
28Mt. Winchell13,775' or 4199m669'
29Mt. Morgan (South)13,748' or 4190m300m+
30Mt. Gabb13,741' or 4188m300m+
31Bear Creek Spire13,740' or 4188m300m+
32Red Kaweah13,737' or 4187m702'
33“East Barnard”13,724' or 4183m486'
34Mt. Mendel13,710' or 4179m554'
35Mt. Abbot13,704' or 4177m896'
36Black Kaweah13,680' or 4170m557'
37Midway Mountain13,664' or 4165m300m+
38“Second Kaweah”13,661' or 4164m545'
39Mt. Tom13,652' or 4161m300m+
40Milestone Mountain13,638' or 4157m758'
41Table Mountain13,632' or 4155m541'
42Mt. Ericsson13,615' or 4150m300m+
43UTM88268313,615' or 4150m385'
44Birch Mountain13,602' or 4146m300m+
45University Peak13,589' or 4142m300m+
46“Ed Lane Peak”13,576' or 4138m892'
47Mt. Brewer13,570' or 4136m300m+
48Mt. Goddard13,568' or 4136m300m+
49Tunnabora Peak13,563' or 4134m610'
50Mt. Dubois13,559' or 4133m300m+
51Palisade Crest13,553' or 4131m620'
52“Milestone Mesa”*13,547' or 4129m581'
53UTM79456813,540' or 4127m446'
54Thunder Mountain13,533' or 4125m564'
55Cloudripper13,525' or 4122m896'
56“Squaretop”*13,524' or 4122m302' (262' to 394' by contours)
57Mt. Gayley13,510' or 4118m453'
58Mt. Fiske13,503' or 4116m813'
59Mt. Hale13,494' or 4113m659'
60Mt. Pinchot13,494' or 4113m300m+
61Mt. Thompson13,494' or 4113m300m+
62Mt. Bolton Brown13,491' or 4112m574'
63Mt. Pickering13,474' or 4107m883'
64Mt. Versteeg13,470' or 4106m335' (281' to 347' by contours)
65“Twelve Flags Peak”13,468' or 4105m340'
66“Northwest Lamarck”13,464' or 4104m859'
67Mt. Mills13,451' or 4100m509'
68Montgomery Peak13,441' or 4097m300m+
69Mt. Newcomb*13,422' or 4091m604'
70Mt. Haeckel13,418' or 4090m514'
71“Keyhole Plateau”13,404' or 4086m328' (284' to 324' by contours)
72Cardinal Mountain13,396' or 4083m600'
73Mt. Jepson13,390' or 4081m390'
74“Mt. Steven Jay Gould”13,385' or 4080m357'
75“The Cleaver”13,383' or 4079m374'
76Kaweah Queen*13,382' or 4079m541'
77Mt. Wallace13,377' or 4077m349'
78“Vagabond Peak”13,374' or 4076m349'
79UTM809631*13,366' or 4074m358' (262' to 394' by contours)
80“Point Powell”*13,366' or 4074m358'
81Mt. Powell13,364' or 4073m545'
82Mt. Hilgard13,361' or 4072m886'
83The Thumb13,356' or 4071m610'
84Mt. Jordan13,344' or 4067m667'
85Black Giant13,330' or 4063m300m+
86Joe Devel Peak13,327' or 4062m449'
87North Guard13,327' or 4062m568'
88Royce Peak13,294' or 4052m909'
89Black Mountain (South)13,291' or 4051m300m+
90Picture Puzzle13,291' or 4051m640'
91UTM698439*13,284' or 4049m889'
92Mt. McDuffie13,282' or 4048m719'
93Deerhorn Mountain13,281' or 4048m666'
94“Crumbly Spire”*13,267' or 4044m301' (267' to 307' by contours)
95Aperture Peak13,265' or 4043m341'
96Mt. Bradley13,264' or 4043m814'
97Mt. Goethe13,264' or 4043m928'
98“Mt. Tom Ross”13,253' or 4040m541'
99Gendarme Peak13,252' or 4039m312' (292' to 332' by contours)
100Feather Peak13,242' or 4036m755'
101“South Basin Peak”13,240' or 4036m507'
102South Guard13,232' or 4033m531'
103“Adamson Point”*13,232' or 4033m358' (280' to 360' by contours)
104UTM692591*13,228' or 4032m489'
105“Mt. Carl Heller”13,225' or 4031m495'
106Mt. Julius Caesar13,219' or 4029m479'
107Mt. Warlow13,206' or 4025m561'
108Mt. Emerson13,204' or 4025m791'
109“Ruby Peak”13,188' or 4020m475'
110UTM690535*13,186' or 4019m607'
111Mt. Hitchcock*13,186' or 4019m463'
112Acrodectes Peak*13,182' or 4018m300m+
113Basin Mountain13,181' or 4018m443'
114Mt. Wynne13,179' or 4017m374'
115Striped Mountain13,179' or 4017m541'
116Mt. Young13,176' or 4016m387'
117UTM52817313,172' or 4015m318' (292' to 332' by contours)
118Mt. Chamberlin*13,169' or 4014m413'
119Mt. Ritter13,143' or 4006m300m+
120“Picture Peak”13,140' or 4005m305' (240' to 320' by contours)
121Mt. Baxter13,136' or 4004m614'
122Red Slate Mountain13,136' or 4004m300m+
123Diamond Peak13,127' or 4001m886'
124“Checkered Demon”13,121' or 3999m523'
125Mt. Lyell13,114' or 3997m300m+
126Mt. Gilbert13,106' or 3995m452'
127UTM72204913,104' or 3994m682'
128Merriam Peak13,103' or 3994m882'
129Charybdis13,096' or 3992m300m+
130Mt. Huxley13,086' or 3989m394'
131Mt. Goode13,085' or 3988m922'
132Seven Gables13,080' or 3987m300m+
133UTM888455*13,074' or 3985m518'
134UTM762773*13,071' or 3984m518'
135“Twin Peaks”*13,061' or 3981m456'
136Mt. Dana13,057' or 3980m300m+
137Mt. Genevra13,054' or 3979m509'
138Mt. Mary Austin13,051' or 3978m509'
139UTM542055*13,041' or 3975m322' (281' to 321' by contours)
140Mt. Barcroft13,040' or 3975m463'
141Mt. Solomons13,034' or 3973m591'
142“Polychrome Peak”13,018' or 3968m509'
143UTM574131*13,012' or 3966m400'
144“Wheeler Peak”13,012' or 3966m535'
145Mt. Gould13,005' or 3964m300m+
146Kuna Peak13,002' or 3963m300m+
147Mt. Morgan (North)13,002' or 3963m300m+



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