Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 46.42304°N / 9.67446°E
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Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Season: Summer, Fall, Winter
Elevation: 9619 ft / 2932 m


Piz Grevasalvas above Lägh da LunghinPiz Grevasalvas above Lägh dal Lunghin

Together with Piz Lunghin, Piz Grevasalvas is one of the most popular mountains in the south of the Albula Alps. Together they frame the cwm in which Lägh dal Lunghin is located, the source of the river Inn. To the west of the lake there is Pass Lunghin, one of the very few world-wide three way watersheds (Rhine River, Inn River and (eventually) Po River).

At 2932m Piz Grevasalvas stands some 1100m above the Oberengadin valley floor, where the normal route starts at either Plaun dal Lej or Maloja, both on the shores of Lej da Segl. The east slopes across which the ascent route runs are devoid of any taller vegetation so that you have perfect views of the Bernina Group all the way to the summit. Moreover, there are several smaller and one larger lake, Laj Nair, which add to the attraction of the mountain.
Piz Grevasalvas
Piz Grevasalvas
Piz Grevasalvas and Lake Lunghin from Piz Lunghin

The route itself is of moderate difficulty as long as you take the round-about approach across Lägh dal Lunghin or Grevasalvas village. There is a direct alternative from the hamlet Blaunca following a creek which comes down from Lej Nair, which, however, is relentlessly steep and thus only done occasionally.
Bernina, Scerscen, Roseg
Piz Grevasalvas
Bernina northern sector

Excluding this alternative, the hike to the summit is easy until you reach 2200m, where the steep hike to Lej Nair starts. May switchbacks take you to the beautiful lake. Along its southern end you head across slabs towards the north-east ridge of the mountain, which you follow to the top. There is some moderate exposure in this latter part. The summit itself is rather wide and round-topped, a wonderful lookout on perfect days. However, there it has a reputation for attracting clouds in which case the slabs between Lej Nair and the north-east ridge become difficult to traverse.

Getting There

Piz Grevasalvas, Piz Materdell, Liz LagrevPiz Grevasalvas, Piz Materdell, Liz Lagrev seen from Piz Lunghin

There are two reasonable trailheads, both on Lej da Segl / Silser See near Maloja. Maloja is an old pass, which was already in use in Roman times which connects joins Lombardia (Italy) and the Graubünden (Grigioni / Grisons - Switzerland) and can be quickly reached from Milano using the road SS36 (Spluga) to Chiavenna and from there SS36 to Castasegna. Here you cross the Swiss border from where B3 takes you to Maloja.

The actual starting points of the routes are at Plaun da Lej and at Cadlägh. Both trailheads are on B3 to the north-east of Maloja within 4km of each other. Another option is to park in Maloja village from where a shortcut can take you up to the southern of the two routes as well.

When to Climb

Lägh da LunghinPiz Grevasalvas and Piz Lunghin seen from Pass Lunghin; Bernina Group behind

Piz Grevasalvas is very much an all-year mountain. It is popular as a ski tour destination in winter and early spring. The hiking season runs from June through October. There can be snow and ice on the north-east ridge until very late in the year, making the final summit push dangerous without proper equipment.


The resort villages in Oberengadin are quite expensive but you can find all sorts of accommodation in the area. Follow the following link:

A less expensive alternative is Valchiavenna on the Italian side of the border but a bit farther away.

Red Tape

Female Ibex
Piz Grevasalvas
Young bearded vulture

No fees no problems. Several natural parks are close so with a bit of luck you can spot bearded vultures or ibexes around the summit of Piz Grevasalvas.

Weather Conditions

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