Rincón de Alano

Rincón de Alano

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 42.83180°N / 0.7528°W
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 7719 ft / 2353 m
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The impressive north-east...Rincón de Alano

The Peña del Rincón de Alano is the highest point of the line of the Sierra de Alanos, but in the complete range is superated by Peña Forca (2391m). Both summits are separated by a common col that can be reached from Tacheras's route or Selva de Oza.
The Sierra de Alanos (Alanos Range) is one of the most spectacular landscape of the zone and it possesses an aspect of inaccessible wall. Since it is in the habit of happening in these cases in the mountains there is a narrow step-crossing to flank the wall in the acquaintance Paso of the Achar de Alano or Paso de Taxeras, not complicated at all and that it go to us comfortably into the reange. Here the access to these steep mountains with big walls towards the north is easier from the south for what it is a good hike for any type of mountaineer.

Sierra de Alanos

Range of AlanosRalla, Rincón & P.Forca

The mountain range of Alanos is completed by 2 principal great ridges west-east, the principal line of saw in the north side and a separated ridge in the final of south-east side.

Summits of ridge north from west: Espelunga (2144m), Ruzquia (2080m), Ralla de Alano (2167m), Punta de Tacheras (2055m), Punta del Achar de Alano (2075m), Agullas d'Alano (2083m & 2093m), Punta Mazandú (2222m) and Rincón de Alano (2353m).
In some maps the heigh is different in the secondary peaks (Agullas, Mazandú, Punta del Achar...) and the localization of some names is another (Ralla de Alano, Espelunga). I think the best font is the map of IGN of France/Spain and map of M.Angulo of the book "Pirineos 1000 ascensiones vol 1" and the book "Dosmiles del Pirineo Aragonés vol.1" of Beturian Ara.

Summits of ridge south-east: Peña Forca (2391m), Lenito (2345m).

Routes: due to the nearness of the mountains it is a widespread idea to connect several summits after the Paso del Achar, entry to the sierra. The most popular are:

-Rincón de Alano+Peña Forca, joints with a col and a ridge, with optional climb to Punta Mazandú (near the R.Alano) and Punta del Achar in the return before the descent: 7-8h (total).

-Punta del Achar+Punta de Tacheras+Rallar de Alano, each one with the descent for the same route of climb to the plain after the summit (not available ridge between the mountains): 6-7h. Optional climb to Espelunga: +2h.

-Lenito+Peña Forca: not for Tacheras, it's from the Selva de Oza: see the route in page of Peña Forca.

Getting There

See the page of Chipeta Alto or Peña Forca for the approach to Tacheras, trailhead of normal route for this mountains.

Important: a lot of days in winter the track to Tacheras from Zuriza is closed by the snow. You must walk 3 km more to the trailhead of the route (30-40 min more for the climb)

Red Tape

No permits required. In all the zone is very complicated the climb in the days with fog for the karst area.

When To Climb

May to september.
In winter (December to March) is a good climb, not very complicated, but many days the snow is very hard in the step-crossing of Paso del Achar (ice). After a recent snowfall in winter is possible the presence of avalanches in the Paso del Achar.


The free camping is forbidden but the camping of Zuriza is just under the range and is the most nearness. The refuge of Linza is in the zone as well.
You can sonsult the pages of others mountains in the zone for more information:
Peña Forca
Mesa de los Tres Reyes

Mountain Conditions

INM Spain


The best maps of the zone:

Belagua-Ansó-Hecho (ed.Sua) by M.Angulo. 1:35000 with image in 3D (a little confuse in some areas) and book (spanish). In this link you had a map of the collection with general view of valleys of Pirineos (good for orientation).

Valles Ansó-Echo-Aragües (ed.Pirineo). 1:40000, with GPS coordinates (mistake in some heights or names but with GPS is very usefull).

Alpina. 1:40000.

You can see a sketch-map of the mountains of the zone in the page of Acherito

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