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Trentino Alto Adige, Italy, Europe
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Lagorai : South western side
At the end of Mocheni Valley, between the Palù del Fersina's summits, a ridge grows out : this is the Mount Rujoch 2415m. It belongs to a long ridge beginning at Redebus Pass and is made by Schliwerlai Spitz summit (2432m.), Rujoch summit (2415m.) Uomo Vecchio Summit or Oltenmon (2233m.) the limit of this ridge is Polpen Pass or Jochl.Climbing these mountains is a bit hard but when you are on their summits you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding view: Brenta group, Cevedale, Presanella, Valle dei Mocheni mountains, Mount Croce.
You can reach it from Piné tableland or from Mocheni Valley through the Redebus Pass.



Here you must walk on Lagorai Porphiry ... that's on metamorphic rocks, fillades, grey coloured rocks with bright silver appearence.Rujoch is a fine example of cirque ... still in 17 century here were perpetual snows (small glacial era 1550-1850) and in Pinè valley one can find morainic deposits.Near Malga Stramaiolo a "Tridentinosaurus antiquus" footprint has been found : it was a 25 cm long reptile with a long thin neck (maybe a grand parent of mine :)))

Val dei Mocheni

Getting There

From Piné Tableland
Brennero motorway A 22 and then the state road SS 12 till Trento then along the Valsugana road SS47 in direction of Piné SP 83 (Mochena) , Bedollo and Regnana where we start the trip.
From Mocheni Valley
from Trento take the Valsugana road SS47 till Pergine and then to the Val dei Mocheni, Palù del Fersina, Passo Redebus.
by train
Trento station (railway Monaco-Roma) - Pergine Valsugana Station (railway Valsugana, Trento-Venezia). Info: 1678/46047
by bus using the public transportation of Società Atesina starting from Trento

Val Spruggio

Hiking Route

From Regnana to Passo Redebus
Pinè Tableland,Bedollo, Regnana.
Start the trip to Regnana along the path 443 ( E5) You get over the wood of larchs and cembro pines : the Inferno Valley, then over Stramaiolo hut (1618m.) till the Campivel Pass and then you cross the ups and downs Spruggio Valley head. You get easy to the Tonini Refuge SAT (1900m.) and from there take the path 461 to the M. Rujoch ( 2415m.) This path is very hard and steepy now along, through the rhododendron bush and great larch roots and enormous stones.A sort of steps till 2120 m. when you cross the path that go to the Val del Mattio and M Croce. You go along the path 461 the ridge is very steepy now and you must use your hands too till the Schliwerlai Spits summit ...advance again along the ridge till the Rujoch summit, the Uomo Vecchio summit (2233m.) descend till Polpen Pass and then take left along the path 462, then you arrive to the Redebus Pass ( few km, from Regnana).
Caution with bad weather, in foggy days path is hard to see and lichened stones are slippery


Malga Spruggio Alta (TN)
telefono +39 0461 683022


When to climb

All year long, for skilled ski-mountaneers in winter


A.P.T. dell'Altopiano di Pinè e Valle di Cembra
Via C. Battisti, 106
38042 Baselga di Pinè,
Piné tableland
The enchanted Valley


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