Snaggletooth peak

Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 34.59042°N / 114.63695°W
County: san bernadino
Elevation: 2190 ft / 668 m
crux to summit
crux to summit



This is a desert peak located right next to hwy 95 south of
Needles, CA.  There is a photo of one
possible climbing route by Mark McCormick on 

snaggletooth peak from the north (photo by Erika Vatne)
snaggletooth peak from the north (photo by Erika Vatne)

The prominence is about 260’ and this is a
short but exciting climb which should only delay your day by less than an hour
if you take a long break enjoying the views on top.


Getting There

Drive south on hwy 95 from the
junction of I40 and hwy 95 in Needles for about 17 miles and you will see this
peak on your right just beyond where the road takes a bend from the SE to the
SW.  There is an apron of sand and gravel
where you can pull off the road and tracks will lead you right up to the base
of Snaggletooth on the north side.

snaggletooth from hwy 95 heading north
snaggletooth from hwy 95 heading north



Climb up to the right of peak to
the ridgeline and hike left to the summit which can be circled counterclockwise
nearly a full circle to reach the crux climb which is class 4 if you are there
on a day when the winds are below 20 mph. 
There is another possible route from the opposite side which you will
notice as you circle the summit block.

Red Tape

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When to Climb

Spring and Fall are the peak
seasons as it becomes extremely hot in the summer.   Winter
is probably the best time in this hot part of the country.




There is a camping located south
near the trailhead for Mopah and Umpah points.

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