White Pine Trailhead

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White Pine Trailhead
Created On: Jun 6, 2010
Last Edited On: Jun 9, 2010


The White Pine Trailhead is an official trailhead that is open year-round. It is used to access the White Pine, Red Pine, Maybird, and Hogum drainages on the north side of the Alpine Ridge for summer hikes, winter backcountry skiing, or year-round mountaineering. The trailhead is paved and has a pit toilet.

This access is extremely popular amongst peak-baggers and backcountry skiiers. Not only does it access 8 of the Wasatch 11'ers, but it is also the starting or ending point of two major ridgerun routes - the Bullion Divide and the Beatout. The trailhead provides the easiest access to the most remote parts of the Wasatch within Hogum Fork and Dry Fork, which also have some of the best and least-tracked skiing lines in the central Wasatch!

Getting There

Online Directions.
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Take the 6200 South exit (exit #6) off I-215 and follow highway 190 south-east approximately 2 miles to the intersection with Big Cottonwood Canyon road. Continue straight through the stoplight and follow the road another 4 miles to the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, where an electronic billboard on the right provides current road and/or weather conditions.

Drive 5.5 miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon (0.7 miles before Snowbird Ski Resort) approximately 30 min from Salt Lake City. There are signs marking the turnoff on the south side of the road for the trailhead parking lot. The turnoff is just past a turn in the road and is easy to miss. The turnoff for the Tanner's Flat campground is passed first, and then begin slowing down once you see the "White Pine Slide Area" sign.


Summits Accessed
Summit Elevation
American Fork Twin Peaks 11,489 ft / 3502 m
Red Top Mountain 11,378 ft / 3468 m
Red Baldy 11,171 ft / 3405 m
Rainbow Peak (Pt. 9947) 9,947 ft / 3032 m
Lake Peak (Pt. 10718) 10,718 ft / 3276 m
White Baldy 11,321 ft / 3451 m
Obelisk (Hogum Divide) 10,516 ft / 3205 m
Pfeifferhorn 11,326 ft / 3452 m
'Upwop' (Pk. 11137) 11,137 ft / 3395 m
Chipman Peak 10,954 ft / 3339 m
North Thunder Mountain 11,150 ft / 3399 m
South Thunder Mountain 11,154 ft / 3400 m
Peaks are listed North-to-South, East-to-West.
This list only includes summits that may be climbed without needing to summit another peak first.


Stats coming soon!
Trails/Routes Accessed
Trail/Route Difficulty Distance Elevation Gain Summit
White Pine Trail cl. 1 mi + ft / - ft
         Red Pine Trail Turnoff cl. 1 mi + ft / - ft
         Temptation Ridge (North Ridge) cl. 2 / 30o snow mi + ft / - ft Red Top Mtn, American Fork Twin Pks
         East Ridge cl. 3 mi + ft / - ft Red Baldy
         Northwest Slopes cl. 2 mi + ft / - ft Red Baldy
         Southwest Ridge cl. 2 mi + ft / - ft Red Baldy
         East Ridge cl. 3 mi + ft / - ft White Baldy
         Bullion Divide cl. 3 mi + ft / - ft White Baldy[1], Red Top Mtn[2], Red Baldy[2]
Red Pine Trail cl. 1 mi + ft / - ft
         Maybird Trail Turnoff cl. 1 mi + ft / - ft
         West Ridge cl. 3, 40o snow mi + ft / - ft White Baldy
         East Ridge (via Red Pine Headwall) cl. 3, 40o snow mi + ft / - ft Pfeifferhorn
         The Beatout cl. 3 mi + ft / - ft Pfeifferhorn[1], Upwop[3], Chipman Pk[3]
Maybird Gulch Trail cl. 1 mi + ft / - ft
         East Ridge (via Maybird Palisades) cl. 3-4?, 40o snow mi + ft / - ft Pfeifferhorn
         Northeast Ridge cl. 1-2 / 30o snow mi + ft / - ft Obelisk (Hogum Divide)
         East Ridge (via Maybird Headwall) cl. 3, 40o snow mi + ft / - ft Pfeifferhorn
         Hogum Fork X-Country Access Turnoff cl. 2 / 40o snow mi + ft / - ft
Hogum Fork X-Country Access Route cl. 2 / 40o snow mi + ft / - ft
         North Ridge 5.5 A0 II-III mi + ft / - ft Pfeifferhorn
         The Hypodermic Needle 50o Snow mi + ft / - ft North Thunder Mtn
Stats are from trailhead to turnoff, end of trail, or summit.
[1]First summit typically climbed to offically start the route. Stats are measured assuming this variation.
[2]Others summits that are commonly used to start the route.
[3]Additional summit(s) typically climbed via this route from the trailhead.


White Pine Trailhead

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